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Everyone should read this - gopher://gopher.unixlore.net:7 - and behave on the Gopher accordingly! Very well written.

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@acdw lol really? I mean i've seen people on Twitter doing so and opening a Patreon. Usually journalists, that kind of people.

@mnw I'd choose a platform where you feel you can be read by the right group of people. Because some people in tildes like gemini. In the SDF I feel like they care more and have a big community around gopher.

Were things the way we though they were? This movie from Alain Resnais made me think about that and other deep aspects of life in L'année dernière à Marienbad...

@peron ID 148f:5370 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5370 Wireless Adapter
? Under Raspbian Stretch it worked. The issue started as soon as I upgraded to Buster.

I've been watching old French movies so these days so no time for openvoip this week 😅

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Hiroshima mon amour was not what I expected (what did I expect?) I'm a bit shocked with how good the dialogs are. Very impressed. So I guess we have to forget to live.

what I yet don't get is why I can't just upgrade and get wifi support without reflashing...

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Hey guys, it's totally possible to acknowledge that you don't understand or share someone's perspective or understanding of the world without alienating them.

I've told people that I don't think the world works the way they think it works and remained friends.

It's possible to disagree without being a dick.

I managed to flash Raspberry Pi Lite to my old pi 1B Rev 2 and it works with the wifi dongle! I thought I could never upgrade the old arandano to Buster. All thanks to the new Raspberry Pi flash program (and some hidden settings there)

@guofu @cosullivan the @texto-plano radio works with ices. The thing is it requires at least all tracks using the same format (ogg or mp3) but if you wanna be present you might as well use mixxx or something similar

Wow! Breathless was amazing and easier to understand than Pierrot le fou. I find it interesting to study the role of women in these two...

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No es por nada, pero Cuba ya tiene su propia vacuna, desarrollada por el estado #cuba #tedebato #capitalismo

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@soldan que hermosas esas notebooks en las que podes acceder al disco, ram y procesador con solo sacar una tapa de atrás

Last night I watched "Pierrot Le Fou". Tonight which movie do you think it should be?

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