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Can I save photos in a server a la Google Photos with encryption and an Android app? :(

@stunder what do you think about nano (the currency). I knew nothing about it but a currency actually designed to be used as money is interesting

No es que no sepa escribir, simplemente detesto el signo de interrogación inicial (o el de exclamación). No deberíamos escribir preguntas tan extensas que requieran un signo de interrogación al principio.

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No hay instancias de software libre en español a nivel internacional que usen mastodon. 😞 Debería texto-plano tener su propio pleroma? :/

¿De qué se trata Texto-Plano? Lo explicamos en este podcast improvisado del 1ro de enero texto-plano.xyz/~ffuentes/podc

(luego van a estar guardados en su propia página)

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Si conocen un servidor orientado al software libre o al menos a lo que es Linux/BSD en español me lo pueden señalar? Es para abrir otro perfil sólo en español.

@cfenollosa interesting although in a cursory review it looks very specific. Does it explain what requirements are best to a good nextcloud setting?

I just made myself meta! What can I do with all this power? lol

@v6shell I've always wondered if VPS companies make donations to the OpenBSD foundation

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Enjoyed listening to some anonradio/tilderadio and lurking on associated chats tonight. Takes me back to college days, DJing until midnight and crawling the net until dawn. (Although, my GPA suffered quite a bit that year... though I did eventually recover and graduate.)

Being really honest I hate struggling with Linux or BSD to have things I consider to be basic like fullscreen resolution or the right keyboard layout. Still I wanna go back to Linux in my computer :(

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