Can I follow a server or just people in here?

After all the crap here in Chile I've been worrying more about the importance of privacy. Turns out W10 is quite verbose and gossip.

@squire why not anything from the x series? I bought a x240 and it's light and I'm using it for the same purpose, however I'm on a budget, maybe you can afford a newer/better model.

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The Bulletin Board - the heart of the old BBS's (Bulletin Board Systems) of the 80s and 90s (pretty much precursor to mainstream Internet) -- still lives and remains strong in the SDF Public Access UNIX System... @SDF

Adobe users left behind in Venezuela due to sanctions...
It's paying for stuff will never be yours. This is why we need a strong internet civil movement.

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A raíz de lo de #Adobe en Vzla,

Como alternativas a Dropbox, encontré a Jottacloud y Cozy ambos en plan gratuito ofrecen 5 GB de almacenamiento y sus servidores no están en USA (el primero los tiene en Noruega y el segundo en Francia) les dejo ese dato 😉

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Hola @emilio tu phlog es muy interesante. Te he estado leyendo estos días. Espero que lo del proyecto prometeo vaya de maravilla!

@MG @snowdusk_ wow, I'm waiting for a new metal edition of the Chaos

Do you remember the feeling of having everything going well in your life, almost too good to be true and then drama hits you back again? Well there's where I am now.

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@claudiom @snowdusk_ what's the main difference between netbsd and openbsd? I installed netbsd in a virtual machine the other day and it was easier than I thought.

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@Snowcrash if you can do all your office stuff on Google Drive I can't see why you couldn't. It's not cool if it can barely move the javascript heavy websites of our day.

@snowdusk_ I was waiting for @iiogama 's show but it looks like there won't be a show today. 😞

Just reading a dude on Reddit connecting Amazonian fires as a sort of collateral damage of the economic war (Soy fields). What do you think? I'm not sure.

@claudiom I wouldn't mind listening to Soda Stereo on Anonradio...

Still trying to understand all this Stallman/Epstein mess...

@cosullivan @Snowcrash when I checked all the gopher stuff on @SDF there was so much to read I didn't know where to start.

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