Were things the way we though they were? This movie from Alain Resnais made me think about that and other deep aspects of life in L'année dernière à Marienbad...

Hiroshima mon amour was not what I expected (what did I expect?) I'm a bit shocked with how good the dialogs are. Very impressed. So I guess we have to forget to live.

I managed to flash Raspberry Pi Lite to my old pi 1B Rev 2 and it works with the wifi dongle! I thought I could never upgrade the old arandano to Buster. All thanks to the new Raspberry Pi flash program (and some hidden settings there)

I found the current Commander Keen collection on Steam but it feels kinda wrong to play them on Steam so I checked on GOG and they had the same collection.

I have a tablet and it's the oddest thing. For years it was a slugghish crap. Then I found out that some ROMs made it run as usual. Now it works but if you leave it alone it turns itself off 😂

I'm just using it for PDFs and magazine subscriptions. I just have to make sure the screen is on.

(I show it off because it's old but many people think their Nexus 7 won't work anymore but they do if you find a new ROM)

Getting the hang of it. Not panicking anymore. The upgrade had an effect @SDF

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