Feeling very lonely 馃様

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@ffuentes I don't know you, but know that you're not alone and random Internet strangers care.

Maya Angelou once wrote "Every storm runs out of rain." I took this photo in 2018 and what you see is literally the last bits of rain falling to earth. I have returned to it and Angelou's phrase during the difficult times of 2020.

@ffuentes Also I see you have some things in common with me: nerd, interest in politics/sociology. I saw your blog about #selfhosting - I'm into that as well, have been doing it in some way or other since the early 90s when I ran a #BBS. Then ran mailing lists over #UUCP for a spell! These days I have a server from and run #Nextcloud, #Gopher, #Wordpress, etc.

@jgoerzen an old BBS is always a source of good stories hahaha. The last things I did were hosting again my spanish blog in a raspberry pi and a public UNIX system in Spanish. For me gopher and BBS were more of a recent discovery but it's an interesting subculture, at least what remains...

@ffuentes Interestingly, I've just been on Mastodon a week or two and it is the first community I've found in decades that has the friendly and informative feel I remember from the 90s. I enjoy it!

I lived near a tiny town, everything was an expensive call. My BBS could exchange FidoNet mail at night (slightly cheaper) and through a circuitous path of modems wind up getting things to the Internet - eventually. for more BBS stuff!

@ffuentes People in big cities experienced BBSs way differently than I did. For me they were a scarce resource, a slow link to a world of others into computers, which otherwise I'd have no way to tap into from my very remote setting.

The later I would go into a college lab when they weren't using it with stacks of floppies to FTP over Linux installation disks onto and such 馃檪

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