@rat @alchemist there are lots of good tips and tricks on the plan9-l@sdf.org mailing list. these should also make it into the wiki.sdf.org

@SDF @rat I think I'm gonna make a post about email configurations hopefully I'll also send it to the mailing list

@ffuentes @SDF @rat It is already on the mailing list. Here's the link:


(just noticed it has a huge amount of typos on less relevant parts... will fix that later)


@alchemist @SDF @rat sad that it doesnt load in our VMs because it's HTTPS πŸ˜‚

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@ffuentes Dang, that's bad.

But perharps you could use imap instead of imaps when invoking upas/fs

@ffuentes oops πŸ‘€
Just disabled HTTPS enforcing, should be fine now

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