Hi! My main skills are in theoretical CS and . I'm interested in , , (playing the ), (the board game), and lots of other things I'm forgetting.

I've been taking time to relax and play after having most recently worked at . Some things I've been doing:

* teaching

* projects, e.g.

* , mostly and

A question: how many of you have friends who use Mastodon who you met elsewhere?

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Oops, just realized the sound links on that post were broken. They should work now.

@falsifian Welcome to SDF Mastodon!

I have several friends from the community who are also on Mastodon.

@elb Cool! I'm curious: did you mostly meet them online? I think I've found two Mastodon profiles of people I remember previously communicating with, and both were online. Actually both from games of --- @Gaelan through Agora, and @abliss ran one called "Ecmanomic".

So far haven't found a profile for anyone I met physically. But I haven't been here very long!

@falsifian @Gaelan @abliss Yes, I met them all online, many of them on . It seems that there's a lively retrocomputing culture on Mastodon, much to my joy.

I'm also Mastodon-friends with a fellow FLOSS developer (@grimmy) whom I've known for close to 20 years now. I technically met him online, but we've met in person a number of times over the years. Ironically, due to federation semantics, neither of us knew the other was on Mastodon until just a couple of weeks ago!

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