And don't even get me started on this Majin Vegeta shirt with a tiny kid Trunks on the back that she got me!

Look at some of the sick stickers she brought me for my next laptop!

Just got home after spending the day hanging out with an awesome friend now that she's back from her vacation in Hawaii. It was a great day.

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Anonradio @snowdusk_ show!!

So fun and so good in com mode chat :-)

We broke 50 listeners! Wow!

Now I want to see 100 listeners.

We can do it.

Another people hit sure, but how about another 50 mastos get a free ssh account on Do it.

And many linux/bsd people stand ready to help you over any hurdles (which are slight really)

Please boost this wonderful site. And some great streaming music. Non-capitalist commercial free.

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pls boost Bear looking like a seal for awareness

It's another super boring weekend, but at least I got to sleep in and I'm not working.

I just got booked for back-to-back-to-back-to-back meetings this morning. WTF?

I finally have Internet again! Some genius at my ISP actually disconnected my line while hooking up a new tenant in the unit below me. Once the tech got it sorted out, he kindly labelled my line so that this (hopefully) doesn't happen again. Still pretty ridiculous that I was out for 2 full days entirely through the fault of a technician...

Technician is here. Fingers crossed I'll have an Internet connection again soon...

So almost nothing in PowerShell is case sensitive *except* for certain standard methods. Wat?

Meaning that this is case sensitive:


But this isn't:

if($array -contains "Wat")

Though I can make it case sensitive with:

if($array -ccontains "Wat")

And from old blog posts I'm seeing, apparently this behavior has changed at some point between v3 and v6? I guess I should stick to operators more when possible.

My Internet connection is still fubar. The earliest someone from the ISP can get here is Thursday. After scheduling that I headed out to grab lunch and noticed the connection outside is pretty wrecked. I think the mowing crew must have destroyed it. And my whole building is likely out.

My home Internet is down. I tried to use the hotspot on my phone, but it told me I wasn't subscribed to that service despite the fact that 10 GB of hotspot data is supposed to be wrapped into my plan.

I tried using the app for my carrier to do a support chat. The first time, it told me they were too busy and to try again later. The second time it allowed me to proceed. Then after waiting 5 minutes, it told me I'd wait at least another 10. At that point I gave up.

So my day is pretty spiffy.

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Got some handy stickers to help me keep track of what's what when I start having to move around the keys.

I got to the point in my piano lessons where I have to start moving my hands to hit different keys. That is insanely difficult. It really makes you appreciate how much work people who are good at it put into playing. 🎼🎹

I started going through Eloquent JavaScript today. I'm only a couple of chapters in, but it seems like a pretty good book so far.

I have a Pluralsight account through work, but find books to be a better resource for me than videos when it comes to code. For sysadmin stuff, I tend to prefer videos. I dunno why.

"We’ve found two effective ways of bridging the communication gap between
us, squishy biological organisms with a talent for social and spatial reasoning,
and computers, unfeeling manipulators of meaningless data. "

Well... I possess one of those human talents. The other... not so much. 😅

Wow, I really liked the series Deadwind.

I'm rather liking the Joey app on Android for Reddit.

My weekend will be spent glued to my phone looking at all of the pictures my friend is sending me while she's on vacation in Hawaii.

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