Just found this comment in my code. I'm pretty sure I found the part I need to change. 😅

"# Define the starting time. This is going to be weird and should be revisited after the meeting!"

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please boost for visibility: are any of you familiar with adding fields to wireshark? not necessarily a calculated field. i'd like to take a pcap, run some calculations over each packet regardless of protocol (kind of like a hash or fingerprint), and then display that result in a column after the whole run is done. it'd be rad to do that on live traffic but not necessary. i can't find the search terms i need to help me get going. i don't think i'm looking at writing a dissector here.

I had no idea there was a Dracula theme for Firefox!


I already use that theme on so many other applications and love it, so it's great to have my browser with the same look.

Dealing with timestamps so you can properly filter API calls is always fun. I just needed to create a timestamp from an hour ago, convert it to UTC, and then format it as ISO.

Python's UTC-by-default setup is usually much better than PowerShell's "I'm in the timezone of the calling machine."

I've spent the entire day wondering why I haven't been getting notifications. I literally just realized I turned on Do Not Disturb mode in macOS this morning when I was sharing my screen and never turned it back off.

One extra day on my weekend and this is the sort of thing that happens. 🤦‍♂️

I just had to edit a video. If I have to do any video editing, we're all in trouble.

After just a single day, all of my patio furniture is covered in pollen. I'm surprised my allergies haven't been worse than they are.

I forgot that this is apparently one of those “blow shit up all night” kind of holidays. Good thing I never go to bed early.

Chill night relaxing with an Old Fashioned that I just made. I’m not at all feeling mentally prepared to go back to work tomorrow.

I finally watched Parasite, and wow... that was a terrific film.

Things like having a function as a parameter in another function or assigning functions to variables blows my mind.

This morning is basically the same as yesterday afternoon; the only difference is that I'm having coffee while sitting on my laptop going through this tutorial.

I should start trying to learn how to play Caves of Qud again. 🤔

I ended up retreating back inside to sit directly under my ceiling fan rather than sweating on the deck. Bit of a bummer to not be able to sit outside due to the humidity, but I finished my first Golang capstone project in the ebook I'm working my way through!

This might have been a bad idea. It's a LOT hotter out here than I realized.

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Spending the afternoon on my deck with a beer, my laptop, some good music, and teaching myself some Golang.

A long but interesting read on some literal insanity. And all empowered by places like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. promoting it because it encourages more people to use their services.


Podcast recording is done! I think it was pretty off the rails but we had fun. We’ll try to get another recording done this weekend.

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