I once again got tickets to a show with a musical act I love, drove there, felt horrible social anxiety, and just went home.

One of these days, I'll stop throwing away money buying tickets for shows I'm too awkward to go to.

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We're dealing with some interesting vnode duplication in the primary filesystem array which is causing kernel panics. save cores have been taken for developers, but it will take awhile to rectify these vnode dupes. we believe there are a lot of them. please stand by, we'll be right back. remember in an outage status can always been found at sdf.org

BlizzCon tickets attempt round #2. Last chance, so here's to hoping. I refuse to pay scalper markup.

Grr, my phone is so irritating. It just refuses to upload a couple of videos I took to any service. I'm now plugging it into my laptop to copy the files over, and then will upload from my laptop.

MFW I buy tickets to a music festival and then don't go because I've never been to the venue before and social anxiety sucks. 😥

The 3rd episode of our is up! Listen to my friend and I discuss music and Japan. 🎶 ⛩️


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Friday night, time to learn some programming!

I streamed a Go-programming crash course for everyone interested in learning the language this afternoon, and a bunch of people joined me over on Twitch. Thanks everyone, that was tons of fun!

If you missed it (or want to re-watch the edited stream), the video is live now!

YouTube: youtube.com/watch?v=uMA8wJ6xA_

PeerTube: peertube.social/videos/watch/4

I'm not saying you need engraved rings to promote your stuff... but it's not the worst idea. Especially when the colors are the best combo of gray and pink.

Wow, I just realized I haven't used Linux on the desktop since Unity was the graphical shell for Ubuntu. I haven't used anything since they switched back to Gnome.

Related: I'm super glad they switched back to Gnome.

Gah... having only run Ubuntu on servers for the last few years, I had forgotten how *nice* the desktop was. I can't wait to blog about this. Just gotta wait until the next podcast recording.

Can we talk about how awesome the default Disco Dingo wallpaper is? I feel like this is my spirit animal. One of the rare times I install a new OS and have zero inclination to change the wallpaper.

I'm using tmux for the first time in legit months and I've forgotten so many basic commands. This will be a fun re-learning experience. Luckily it's all super simple.

Installing snaps from the software center = mad jank.

Installing snaps from the command line = no issues.

I should've known, right?

Well... my system just completely crashed. Not saying it was Ubuntu's fault, but it's an ominous start.

If it were smarter/less apathetic I'd look at log files to find out. Instead I'll just keep using it and see if it happens again first.

I only listened to 14 hours of music last week. That's awful.

Decided that since I rarely play games anymore, it didn't make sense to keep my "gaming" desktop on Windows 10 for them. Windows 10 is just too painful to use for anything else. I just installed the new Ubuntu 19.04 release instead.

Recorded the first two episodes of my new podcast with my friend and cohost tonight! I'll share links after they get some minor edits and go live. 🎆 🎙️

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