I've been playing a lot of Overwatch lately with some people from work. I am super bad at Overwatch.

I just listened to the new Caravan Palace song Miracle, and holy crap it's so good.

That Fyre Festival documentary was pretty wild. The Hulu one, not the one made by the company that promoted the event.

ESO is super fun. Definitely a good switch from WoW where the current expansion is awful.

I stayed up way too late playing Overwatch with some friends last night.

Related: I'm pretty terrible at Overwatch.

Watched my friend play some Kingdom Hearts 3 today. It seems like a solid game, but that story is impossible to follow if you haven't been super invested in the series. I had no idea WTF was happening or why.

Since I don't do a ton of browsing on it, I think I'm going to roll with Chrome's built-in ad blocking on my work machine for a little bit just to get a feel for how god-awful it is. I don't have a good frame of reference since I've never used it.

The first time I have to head into the office in a week due to having a day filled with meetings, and I wake up to snow. That pretty much sets the tone for the whole day. I think I'm going to pick up some donuts to console myself.

So... this is pretty huge if it moves forward. Trusting Google to have users' best interest in mind when it comes to ad blocking seems pretty far-fetched...


My thoughts and ranting about all of the movies I watched while I was sick this weekend:


I think I've watched more movies while sick over this long weekend than I did in all of 2018.

Third day being sick and I still feel like trash. I would've called off today were it not for the fact that I've got some work scheduled for the end of the day that I don't want to put off. At least I'm working from home.

Hopefully I recover a bit since I have a long weekend ahead of me.

I got about 4 hours of sleep last night, so work today will be fun. Lots of coffee will be in order.

My afternoon is filled with 30 minute meetings that have an hour between each of them. That's going to make it tough to be productive.

Static websites in Azure blob storage seems neat but WAY too overkill for anything I'm doing in my free time. It was cool to mess around with for a couple of hours, though.

A friend of mine who doesn't particularly like scary games just streamed herself playing Resident Evil 7 in VR. It was hilarious. I'd be surprised if the amount of screaming didn't worry her neighbors. She was a total boss, though. I would've quit after like 10 minutes.

I realized I forgot to put a viewport tag in my new site. I added that and now it's actually tolerable on mobile. Awesome.

Then I developed a nice little backup script to make backups of the two sites on my server and sync those over to the SDF MetaArray.

I wrote a recursive function for a script at work... and I got it right on the first try.

What is even happening right now?

Fun fact: making symbolic links to sites-enabled before the configuration exists in sites-available makes nginx unhappy when you restart it.

In related news, I'm dumb. 🤓 💻

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