I slept for 11 hours so... I apparently needed that.

Gotta love spending an hour troubleshooting some logic to figure out why my output result wasn't formatted properly. Only to discover the problem wasn't with the logic but with the fact that after doing all of that... I was passing the original value to the caller instead of the modified one. I'm a smart person.

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well i guess its time I send my dollar on its way to sdf.

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if my part of the fediverse missed it, Terry Cavanagh published the source code for VVVVVV: distractionware.com/blog/2020/ and with the existing subset of the assets for level creation being freely distributed, you have yourself a nice fun set of things to play with and port to ATMs: distractionware.com/blog/categ

I think I fixed two absolutely massive bugs in my script today. Fingers crossed that this next run works; I'm hopeful it'll start giving me good information... instead of just revealing even more bugs. We'll see in a few hours.

And after it completed the highlights, scrolling through the workbook is now impossible without crashing the application. That's pretty slick.

Checking for duplicate values across 4 rows of 200,000 columns makes Excel angry.

When I realized my script was telling me that, after a certain point, nothing at the Graph endpoint I was querying had group membership, I realized it had to be something with my connection or authorization. Sure enough, my logic to handle the expiring token wasn't catching the expiration.

TIL there are two different UIs for Mastodon. I thought the advanced interface was the only one.

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Just realized joinmastodon.org is still featuring a screenshot of the advanced web layout, which is not the default anymore...

Feeling pretty thankful for Homebrew right now. I needed to sftp mount a VPS to copy a few things off of it, and the SFTP clients I found either didn't look reputable or required a subscription service... I just ended up installing sshfs from Homebrew.

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Scumbag level marketing: My ISP just sent me an email with a subject line of "Action Required." I opened the email, and it was filled with various offers to upsell me on additional services I don't need like phone and TV.

At some point I really need to figure out how to configure my web server to automatically patch and reboot when required. I currently SSH in on random occasions to do it.

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Thank you to everyone who has participated in the SDF instance. If you would like to be a part of our creative community of content producers in the with no quota limits please email membership@sdf.org and suggest the channel you would like.


Lets get rid of and together.

I updated my original post to note this as well, but this issue has been fixed! "mkhomepg -p" will now permission files and change ownership accordingly. 🎆

That moment when I've been at work for just shy of 12 hours... and I remember something I meant to do today. This is a tomorrow kind of problem, though.

While I like how clean Python looks, indents being so important sometimes trips me up. A script I've been working on this afternoon was giving me results that made no sense, and then I realized I had huge blocks of code accidentally inside of a conditional in two different places.

Though, to be clear, this is 100% a problem with me not paying attention rather than a problem with Python.

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