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I think it was Illich who said:

Preservation of the sick life of medically dependent people in an unhealthy environment became the principal business of the medical profession. Natural immunity, and traditional culture could not cope.

Hospital-born children thus grow into adults who can breathe the air, eat the food, and survive the lifelessness of a modern city, who will breed and raise at almost any cost a generation even more dependent on medicine.


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Bird sex (chromosomes not activity) 

TIL, in birds, what we call "female" is actually the heterogametic individual and "male" is the homogametic.

Some folks make a big fuss about "females always being XX and males being XY" (incorrect even for mammals).

But the egg laying bird is ZW (or just Z) and the sperm maker is ZZ.

Which means, had we gendered birds based on familiar mammalian chromosome patterning, it is the male that lays the egg and the female fertilizes it.

I love this.

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"Between now and 2030, the restoration of 350 million hectares of degraded terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems could generate US$9 trillion in #ecosystem services. #Restoration could also remove 13 to 26 gigatons of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The economic benefits of such interventions exceed nine times the cost of investment, whereas inaction is at least three times more costly than #ecosystem restoration."


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Really high pitched snare drums are so bad for your ears 

@cmos4040 I thought I shouldn't Reakt, but the Audacity of your Logic defies Reason. Hopefully I'm Able to not get too upset at this terrible joke

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Going to the gym to get healthy, but you get mindkilled by being forced to watch the news.

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“Why isn’t the new year on the winter solstice?”

The answer, honestly, is that the Romans had no fucking idea how to run a calendar.

Like, seriously, people notice "OCTOber" and "DECEMber" and say, "hey, those mean 'eight' and 'ten', but they're the 10th and 12th months, what's up with that?".

If you've got a little more history, you'll know that July and August are named after Julius and Augustus Caesar, and think, "oh, they added those two months and bumped the rest of the months back."

Nope. The Romans were way, way worse at calendars than that.


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do you ever think about how when computers get hot they freeze

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"I will pay you cash to delete your module" ~ drewdevault.com/2021/11/16/Cas

"I do hope that this idea strikes fear in the hearts of any developers that read it, and in other programming language communities which have taken after npm. What are you going to do if one of your vanishes? What if someone studies the minified code on your website, picks out an obscure dependency they find there, then bribes the maintainers?"

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found this peculiar recording of la consagración de la computadora (the rite of computing, 2019).

the rite of computing is a ceremony, a collaboration and celebration between human and non-human elements: a slow, sweaty, organic, locally-grown, inefficient, danced, turing-complete, computational machine; performing a potentially endless process of life.

the video, showing the process of an almost-complete cycle of the universal turing machine we were becoming during 56 minutes, is sped up 40x :)



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„My own path to Urbit was not predictable, so it turns out I’m a useful ambassador to describe what the heck we’re doing to my fellow normies.“ urbit.org/blog/urbit-for-normi #urbit

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Venn diagram of "surveillance tech dystopia", "biohazard apocalypse" and "utter environmental collapse" with the centre marked "you are here"

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s0ne 0f y0u have never run a vacuun cleaner 0ver y0ur heyb0ard and accidentally l0st several heys ub the h0se; and it sh0ws.

there are a couple of code-related easter eggs also in there:
- a mini testing dsl (super simple and fast)
- a mini CLI argument parse lib

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well, after a long time of going back and forth I published Apsil (github.com/F-3r/apsil)

That postcript-inspired toy language I've worked on a while ago.

It is currently in a fun-to-play-with proof-of-concept state, nothing near a real language, but good enough to let it be as-is

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