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It still works, just only with Windows or Mac (up to High Sierra). Not with Linux. And I don't have room for it in my little studio apartment.

No rush on any decision, I was going to donate it to a local charity but I thought I'd ask y'all first. Take care!

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Hey! Work is going awesome. Several coworkers are testing into the next level of apprenticeship, which is pretty inspiring and motivating. Hope things are well out your way!

It's a canon pixma mg 6220, I believe. If it's too much printer -- and I legit get that -- no worries. I ordered ink from Blake Printing Supply through Amazon, which is a great bulk ink company. Like $25 for a LOT.

Ex. link:

I've finalized the key scenes and their order for the second novel in the scifi series.

There are currently 92 plot points. Yeah, this is a long one. Too long? It doesn't feel like that. It has more action than the first book, and I think it will move fast.

I'm excited to get started writing it.

Welcome to the Cathedral of Glorious Heartbreak:

Perfume Genius, "Alan"


Okay but consider:

Catching a buzz and listening to Cocteau Twins

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the biggest section still missing from the essay is this: avoid software if you can, and instead invest time and knowledge and resources in the communities that sustain you. it’s well and good if you can afford to spend five years making a software platform with a novel protocol to do something slightly more efficiently, but if you can give your community the same outcome by strapping together physical trashware, i’d say go with trashware. we can’t all be sysadmins but there’s no architecture that doesn’t need them, so become if you can the sysadmin your community needs.

be the one who can say “need a seedbox? i can help you with that”

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i drafted this essay because i often wonder about what i should be building or working on. i have severe mental issues that limit how much coherence i have available, and in strange times like this i feel like i need all of it just to survive. but sometimes i’ve got the energy to make a little difference, and i want to know where to make that difference. what to work on as a volunteer can be a daunting choice.

this essay is just the beginning of explaining and exploring architectural tradeoffs in distributed software. i’m not an expert, just an adamant hedge witch, but i’ve seen enough gilded towers gone up in smoke and built enough towers besides to have opinions. maybe they’re bad opinions — i’m always happy to be disabused of half-baked ideas — but nevertheless they’re opinions i forget. i want to remember what i think as counsel for what i do, but it’s hard when you only sometimes know what’s real.

anyway thanks for reading. i’ll post a final draft on my blog.

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ok nerds here is a draft of this essay

> # Comparative Considerations Regarding Distributed Software Architectures

> Together we are strong. Knowing this, how can we write good software?

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Intro post!

On this account I mainly plan to talk about my writing, and my online creative shenanigans.

I'm in the process of setting up a gopher space, which will feature my fiction as well as a blog chronicling my adventures in writing a five-book scifi series.

I also want to experiment with static webpages and online 'zines.

I'll do my best to link to things as they come online, and share project updates, and generally stop being so freakin shy about my work!

So apparently I now have a listed phlog with SDF now, username erosdiscordia.

I've no idea what I'm doing, but it hasn't exploded yet, so that's great.

I've looked into all different forms of publishing, since even before self-publishing got big ten years ago.

And to be honest, this particular story -- I don't want to sell it. I don't want it to feel like a product.

I want it to be a kickass, secret party.

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Ultimately I want to have an extremely plain site that has the story and an index, a page of worldbuilding and character info, and a simple author blog.

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So here is the deeply unfinished first handcoded site where Chapter 1 of the novel, Radiant Inverse, lives.

The info page straight up has Lorem Ipsum on it, but you can see where I'm going.

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Up to my various body parts in files, but had to fold some of the gold giftwrap I got at Dollar Tree today.

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