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Intro post!

On this account I mainly plan to talk about my writing, and my online creative shenanigans.

I'm in the process of setting up a gopher space, which will feature my fiction as well as a blog chronicling my adventures in writing a five-book scifi series.

I also want to experiment with static webpages and online 'zines.

I'll do my best to link to things as they come online, and share project updates, and generally stop being so freakin shy about my work!

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So, thinking about the CHAZ.

What can we do to help?

They are holding the ground, how can we help hold the void?

I was reached out to by the person running it’s getting overwhelming.

They are going to need bandwidth, and ddos protection, and infrastructure expertise... pronto.

Are people here up to the task?

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Okay, so.

Hanna-Barbara's Wacky Races, re-imagined as an electro-rock music video, extended into a movie.

If this sounds appealing - check out Redline - a #scifi racing #anime movie that's all about speed and STYLE.

Pilot clip with animation that isn't in the movie, but that's pretty much how the movie goes:

Trailer for the actual movie:

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did you fall from heaven? because holy shit you have like 20 eyes and 3 sets of wings Are You Okay

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Shaved alpacas DO NOT look real... but I still love them

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I'm really bored. Let's go—laptop stickers thread! Boost for reach. :^)

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Would anyone read a web serial about a goth guy who'd beat the shit out of anyone that judged his weepy, sensitive redneck boyfriend?

Because imma write one.

In unrelated news, recently I dreamed I was Daniel Howell, and I was pregnant, and in labor on a spaceship orbiting the planet.

And Phil and I were trying to smuggle a cat into the delivery room, as a bit.

Spent the past few days writing a 2,000 word journal entry.

Sometimes you need to.

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i kinda want to do a thread on hakka walled villages cause They're The Shit but whenever i try to sequence more than four words together my brain starts turning to sludge so just go look them up and then pretend i told you about them ok, they're really fucking cool

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also i'm not saying Game Developer Barbie doesn't look extremely like many lovely trans ladies on here, but like, y'all, i think there's more than three of y'all that need this barbie on your desk on account of O Shit Dat Me. like maybe some are all "hmmm my hair isn't that red YET but..." which i think still counts honestly.

Game Developer Barbie absolutely has a mastodon account is what i am saying

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Here's Session, an end-to-end encrypted messenger that removes sensitive metadata collection, and is designed for people who want privacy and freedom from any forms of surveillance...
(and it's also a fork of Signal)

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If you have Christmas lights up in your apartment you’re not straight

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Listening now to the fantastic lo-fi & hip-hop mixtapes by the great @cat!

You can download them via gemini on:

or on the regular interwebs on:

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Yes. Neuroscienctists try to look inside and just find perverse mirrors of their own brains

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Waking up inside my stupid body and coming out of bed like a non-newtonian fluid

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you deserve whatever good things happen to you 

yes, you

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