It's strange to think how IA-32 will probably outlive IA-64, considering Intel is still producing single-core Celerons.

File operations in Forth are clunkier than I expected. Disappointingly C-like.

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higher ed, fuck ICE, they're really going beyond to be awful 

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I'm pretty satisfied with the speed of my inner interpreter but it could definitely be faster.

Try, it's an alternative frontend for the birdsite.

It's strange how the mainframe business hasn't lost much ground to microcomputers in its niche, but minicomputers dwindled away in decades. I can't think of any minicomputer series produced today except for IBM Power Systems and HPE Integrity. Maybe Oracle's and Fujitsu's SPARC servers too.

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Transcribed the new boot logo to paper, and then to hex, and then into my code. The proportion of the C= turned out pretty well. The old one was much to narrow when 320x200 gets squished down to a square.

Finally, a real handheld pocket computer! After all those years of searching...

TIL you can cause some legal confusion around China if you're born 1n 29 February as Hong Kong considers your birthday to be 1 March and Taiwan considers it 28 February.

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Notewell, my cross-platform real-time inline-rendering no-browser markdown editor written declaratively in Haskell just hit 1.0!

I'm still upset that Epic Games abandoned Unreal Tournament for more lucrative Fortnite, just as Valve abandoned Half-Life. We need more Quake-/UT-like games.

Symbolics website refers to PayPal as "Payment Pal" and I think it's very cute.

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@sushee "The logo was designed in 1957 by Elliot Hendrickson, Elliot re-worked the logo, incorporating letters which were hand-drawn for the purpose by Arthur Hover(?). The boxes were not all the same width, and there seemed to be no logic to which boxes were wider. The ‘g’ was the narrowest, and the ‘i’ and ‘l’ were second widest. Also, the two ‘i’s were not exactly the same shape. The boxes were not rectangles, but were very slightly tapered in weird ways."

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Finally got 11 of the 13 REXes that I built working. I might be able to get the 12th one working, too. These are flash ROM boards for the #Tandy 100 portable computer. They allow you load multiple option ROM images onto flash and switch between them in software.

These taxes will be sold at Tandy Assembly next weekend.

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