I keep them in a case in my backpack, so it's hard to keep it upright all the time.

Non-root user shell primary prompt string (reply for other)

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Another downside of the hot and humid weather is that my fountain pens are leaking ink (due to decreased viscosity), especially those with old nibs.

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`` memory technology, new multimedia IP [intellectual property]...''

And why does it seem to me that this is the shit of MPEG-2 license keys all over again?😕

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"The internet is an SEO landfill. Full of gossip, junk content, paid posts, con articles, click bait links, spam, free e-books, self aggrandizement, fake followers, fake news, - all designed to achieve one thing - con the Search Engine - and you"

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@erkin this is one of the things I think is most crucially needed right now. Electron will dominate if nobody can make GUIs as easily with a lighter toolkit.

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Unfortunately, all of them seem to be more or less abandoned. rx/gui looks promising, however.

I've been thinking about FRP GUI options for since that Lobsters thread on racket/gui. It would be great to have a declarative GUI framework with feature parity with racket/gui.

So far, I've seen
1. Sly (in ), made for livecoding games, last updated in 2015:
2. rx/gui (in ), a library stub for FRP, last updated in 2017:
3. fluxus (in Racket), a multimedia livecoding environment, last updated in 2013:

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@anjum @jomo no it’s not

You have the right to say stuff, but you don’t have the right to make others listen to you, to use their platform to say stuff (freedom of association), to harass people with your speech

If others consider your speech abuse they are well within their universal human rights to block the heck out of it just like with other unwanted forms of speech such as spam.

Noone complains if an app takes a stand against spam so why with nazis?

I went up to Uludağ by gondola lift yesterday. The scenery was simply stunning. Pics really don't do it justice.

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