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I already knew about
$ curl${CITY}
but TIL about
$ finger ${CITY}

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I hadn't noticed my cobbled together dial up link computer decided to « lol non » a couple days ago. But the dial up link is back up. Plan for the new year is to bring a decent machine in that will run the BBS from here and avoid such mishaps. I used to have a pretty good set up in Bristol, but then again I had a lot of space in there for it. Dial in number is (416) 548-4117 and here is my dramatic cat, just because.

What are some interesting problems to teach someone the basics of programming?

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what the SDF cabinet looked like in 2006 DS10Ls and CS20s

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Someone make a tshirt that says "closed as off topic" in a parody of the Stack Overflow logo

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Looks like you can get a signed copy of the newest Emacs manual for $100.

TIL NVidia still releases up-to-date drivers for Solaris.

@zpojqwfejwfhiunz Andromeda looks more like an overpowered phablet. I'm looking for a very simple clamshell palmtop computer with a physical keyboard. I'm hoping such PDAs will make a comeback in the market.

Is Gemini the only option for a modern non-Android PDA? I wish Zaurus were still produced today.

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SuperTuxKart boosts up its in-game visuals.

SuperTuxKart, the famous and fantastic free software kart racer, featuring the prominent Linux mascot Tux.

The game is in inspiration of the likes of Mario Kart.

Check it out ==>
#gaming #linux #opensource #freesoftware #SuperTuxKart #Tux

Just finished (both phases of) Freedoom. It was pretty good.

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You should totally make a blog post out of this.

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Australia just made Man-In-The-Middle attacks required by law. They call it "the ghost" and every connection has to be open to the government.

Good luck with that.

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