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I got so bored that I spent an hour configuring XCalc even though I don't use it. It looks pretty now.

I should work as a UX consultant at Fisher-Price.

What the hell? I bought an e-book on last week and today I received an e-mail from for the first time in nearly a year, recommending me two books from the same author.

I would like to thank fontconfig for rendering 'ffl' as a ligature in the middle of monospace text.

Although I appreciate that 'ffl' itself is fixed width.

I named it Gophwr after a friend's typo. 😸
It's a bit haphazardly put together in less than two days, but it works. Sorta kinda. I promise I'll clean it up soon.

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I like /usr/pkg/bin/cal more than /usr/bin/cal since it's got reminders and all.
I used Debian's patches to build and install it on my Arch desktop.

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