lemon pig 

An ancient New Year's tradition: lemon pig. I ate its right ear.

Anyway, here they are:
3x TI TMS9929A (TMS9918 but YPrPb @ 50 Hz instead of NTSC)
5x Zilog Z84C0020 (Z80 @ 20 MHz)
5x Zilog Z84C0008 (Z80 @ 8 MHz)
4x GI AY-3-8910
4x UM61512AK (64 KiB SRAM)

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This just in: HPE is officially terminating the VMS hobbyist programme after 23 years.

serial experiments lain spoilers, OC meme 

I read a theory that each different way of writing Lain's name represents her different personalities, so I conjured up this... thing.

I went up to Uludağ by gondola lift yesterday. The scenery was simply stunning. Pics really don't do it justice.

Today, I've been to Polonezköy/Adampol, a historic Polish settlement in rural Istanbul.
Disappointingly, there wasn't much to see. It seems the village all but eroded away in the last few decades as its population dwindled, and left its place to a bunch tourist traps.
The only two things of interest (the church and a glass workshop) were closed due to holiday.
I managed to find something interesting though: A mosaic on the wall of the glass workshop depicting glassblowers at work.

I uninstalled this last month and decided to install it back today...

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