You might be interested in the gopher browser I made last year: github.com/erkin/gophwr

racket/gui is indeed troublesome, mostly owing to being rather underdocumented and having an unorthodox approach to text containers.

@erkin omg! you're a life saver! I've been struggling with text containers here. Thanks a ton for reaching out and sharing it with me.

From working on this, I decided to do a side-project. A git repo of racket/gui samples, I'll start populating that soon. Maybe people will contribute and in the future new developers like me will have more samples to look at. What do you think about this idea?

@soapdog Glad to hear I could help. Let me know if you have any questions — the code is rather untidy. I think you might find the parts about style deltas and clickbacks useful in particular (entry.rkt).
I was asked to add gemini support to Gophwr a while ago, but I got busy and had to neglect Gophwr altogether. I'm glad you went ahead and wrote a Racket client for it because I think racket/gui is the perfect tool for this.
And yes, I'd be very much interested in that. Let me know if I can help.

@erkin just to let you know that I have implemented tabbed browsing in my #Gemini client. I though you might want to check the code out as it can probably be similar to what you need for the same feature in Gophwr.


Thanks again for Gophwr, I got a lot of code and insight from it.


@soapdog Thanks for the update! I've been neglecting gophwr for quite a while by now. I'll make sure to check it out once I get back to it. 😺

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