I was looking for a new phone since this one's getting rather old and I thought I had really low expectations; some basic features this old phone has: Replaceable battery, 3,5 mm audio jack, expandable memory etc.
Turns out a lot changed since the last time I surveyed the mobile phone landscape, which was fairly recent (2016).

I ended up marinating my phone in olive juice not long after I posted this toot, thoroughly frying it.
I had to quickly pick a new phone available in the market for cheap (so, a Chinese brand), and ended up getting a note8.
It's got everything short of replaceable battery. My main gripe is that it doesn't let me disable Gapps.

Ten days after I got the phone, it fell off a hole in my pocket and the whole screen broke, despite the protector film. 🤦
My previous phone was much more durable, capable of handling falls from higher than this.
At least the warranty is still valid.

@erkin nokia 2.2 has removable battery, 3.5mm and vanilla android.

Ooh, that actually seems pretty good. Hope it'll make it to the market here.

Seems good! I'll try it once I have access to ADB.

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