I think I caught cold yesterday. Terrible timing too; I've got a project to finish by Sunday.

@erkin Did the project proceed without difficulty? If not, then probably your subconscious decided to interfere😉

@yrabbit @erkin I actually have a theory:
I very often become sick shortly after working on a project pretty tightly.
It may be because I neglect taking care of oneself during that period; like expose oneself to cold for long, sleep and eat irregularly, etc.

@yrabbit @erkin TL;DR: Does sleep deprivation really damage the DNA, how the title suggests?

@amiloradovsky @erkin More precisely, DNA is damaged during wakefulness and repaired in a sleep.🙂

@yrabbit @erkin OK. That makes more sense. But I thought DNA may only be damaged by aggressive chemicals or radiation.
I guess they meant the damage in the process of replication. For fast-dividing cells.

@amiloradovsky @erkin You talk about DNA mutations, but DNA damage occurs simply in the process of normal metabolism. This is even more TL;DR🙂 In this article, the mechanism of damage is not considered, they simply counted the broken DNA in the blood samples.

@yrabbit @amiloradovsky @erkin
that one seems like common sense, but, in general, it's often best to ignore 'observational' studies vs 'clinical' ones.

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