I'm trying my hand at making a graphical Gopher client.

I named it Gophwr after a friend's typo. 😸
It's a bit haphazardly put together in less than two days, but it works. Sorta kinda. I promise I'll clean it up soon.

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@erkin What UI toolkit, if any? That might give way to some potential names (like qGopher)

@erkin hm.. maybe.. '(gopher)'? Yeah, I'm sorry, I got nothin'. Excellent choice of implementation language, though

@jakob racket/gui is surprisingly versatile and intuitive.

VisualGopher (😱)

I think I like Burrow. I hope it's not taken.

@erkin I just found some Apache add-on by that name on GitHub. But maybe some minor variation would be enough of a difference?

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