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@jelle_dc iOS was explicitly designed to hide the fact that the thing is a computer, going so far as to try and pretend it didn't have a filesystem until iOS 12. Android was initially designed for cameras, but at no point has it ever tried to pretend it wasn't a computer—just one you didn't have control over. Smartphones are awful because they cultivated an image of not being real machines, so nobody writes real software for them. (Android!FF doesn't have an inspector!! >:V)

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I think security is important, so when I change my password I make sure to tear the post-it off the pad before I write the password on it

I've seen those spy movies where they use the indentations on the pad to recreate what someone wrote, they won't get MY password that way

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Are there any extant source code editors that are *structure editors* (as opposed to text editors)?

Why is Firefox Klar v6 4 MiB on F-Droid but Firefox Focus v8 40 MiB on Play Store?

Oh hell yeah, the official site has a Tux icon.

This had better not be Windows-only...

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Researchers asked 43 freelance developers to code the user registration for a web app and assessed how they implemented password storage. 26 devs initially chose to leave passwords as plaintext.

Those devs were then asked to rewrite their code to 'store passwords securely.' Overall here are the methods of password storage chosen by the developers:
10 - MD5
8 - Base64
7 - Bcrypt
5 - SHA-256
5 - PBKDF2
3 - AES
3 - 3DES
1 - SHA-1

3D Realms just announced a game based on engine:

Details will be announced tomorrow.
I'm so hyped up right now. I've been yearning for a good {Quake,Doom} I{,I} clone for years. This had better be good.

Why isn't used more? It's the only mature versioning (not just snapshotting) Linux filesystem out there and it seems well-suited for SSDs.

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“Do you just wish gopher people would stop using gopher primarily to talk about gopher, so we don't end up being the FORTH of internet protocols?”


I love these proposals by @solderpunk. This would be so much fun to enhance port 70 a bit

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