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(im trying not to post these often but I gotta do this one)

“HAL-9000 enjoying a day at the beach”

This gem just rolled out of the DALL-E mini oven..

“David Bowie as a star trek officer in the next generation”

I’d so watch this if it was a thing..

(cont) “eg is it property, can it demand equal say, or is it just a thing to be used by humans and disposed of when we are done/tire of it, what rights does it have? does it have any?" How we determine what self-awareness is, what is the scientific definition of sentience {hint there isnt one }. How do we test to see if indeed a machine has achieved this either on purpose or by accident, how do we treat it? Need to really have these dialogs and gets some framework going for the day this happens

So this is (please read it, its quite enlightening) ... How do we ethically treat "sentient" AI .. while LaMDA might only turn out to be a really clever chat bot, one day, there will actually BE a truly self-aware machine, We need to discuss a lot of things, ethical use of an AI and the ethical use of AI .. more so the first being in directly addressing "person hood" of the AI and what rights it might have {continued}

{last one — but a good one}

“hyper realistic photo of a planet getting pulled into a black hole “

I wish DALL-E had more power .. this would be so epic ..

“Oil painting of an aristocrat cat dressed as 16th century monarch eating dinner at an elegant dining table with gold place setting”

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Star Trek: Voyager: The Animated Series

( Remember watching this on Saturday mornings?)

I frighten myself to think what I would do with full DALL-E2 access

Need to go make up some Kahlua chip ice cream base for the Ninja creami before my whole milk is due .. it can sit in the freezer till im ready for it..

if anyone wants to play along at home:

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This drives me bonkers, but other co-workers do the same thing. I ask “why not just type in if that’s where you want to go?” The answer is that either it is easier just to type in eBay or that they don’t know what the address is. This is why people go places they should not. Add that to the blending of search and address bar, and we have recipe for arriving at unintended web sites.

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Someone posted on the misterfpga site bout free Fusion Retro Books pdf giveaway (and some of their game mags too)

“You'll need to go to the checkout and enter some data, but you can just make it up, download links will appear anyway.”

“Prince Rogers Nelson as captain kirk”

Oh the places I will go with full DALL-E

I should clarify, those that only are on the bird site only and solely and haven’t bothered to have a presence of any kind here..

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I kinda find it interesting those folks who have moved over here and those that remain on the bird site .. For some must be a financial reason (or maybe they will loose their “influencer” status here.. which again makes me wonder what their motivations really are..

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