@robdaemon I wish I could give a recommendation but forth gives me eye twitches and other body tics still and it’s been decades since I last touched that language.

@ne1for23 Ultimately this is a GOP problem that will likely need to be resolved/fixed from within .. in the interim the real problem is dealing with the crazies that are driving the party now and how to handle their impact that affects everyone. And we know that demographic of the GOP doesn’t listen to reason..

@ne1for23 I can only hope that yes, eventually they start to come to their senses sooner than later ..

@ne1for23 Oh yes fully agree holding them responsible .. but things are such a horrid mess in so many dimensions its hard to even know where to begin, and yes its exceptionally disturbing .. (frankly there are many disturbing things happening id be hard pressed to say which is worse) . .and I think Hillary was being kind with her words to be honest.. they are much more than just “deplorables” ..

@ne1for23 but the problem though is sure you get one guy in jail on a felony. And another seemingly more rotten one takes his place. It’s much more than just one guy it’s the regional “culture” that’s promoting and ultimately electing these people. It’s a deep cultural problem in those regions and that I’m afraid is far far far harder to change. You are talking bout trying to change the hearts and minds of millions who are pretty far gone now. Until then they will keep electing these people.

@ne1for23 yes that’s the long game. But we aren’t anywhere close to that yet. No reason we can’t pop a few balloons on the way there.

@ne1for23 maybe put up highway billboards in Texas and Florida welcoming new immigrants to settle in other features states 😀 sponsored by that state (in Spanish of course). IDK but I’d love to see Abott/DeSantis face when the first see one right outside their offices. Instead of the outage and horror they would expect us to do, we welcome them. Lol.

@ne1for23 ok perhaps the dems proactively busing immigrants on their own ahead of Abott or DeSantis shenanigans may be a little too simplistic. But the idea is, how do we approach the topic in a way that renders their antic powerless. Basically take it away from them or change it so it has the opposite result they hoped for.

@ne1for23 yes that’s the gist of it. ! Now let’s take it to the next level. But that’s the right thought.

@ne1for23 oh I know all the details. Don’t forget I live in mass. The subtleties don’t escape me at all. Believe me the vineyard is well known for who goes there.

@ne1for23 It’s not an easy thing to solve for sure. Im just trying to find a creative solution. And I don’t disagree with your excellent points. There are definitely certain legalities yes. My “thought” was much like how they were using Obamacare originally as slander but Obama turned it around, embraced it and made it a “thing” essentially inverted their condescending original origins. It took their power away. This is the general gist.

Just another late Saturday night. Nice to get all the tchotchkes working again.

I should add, kinda funny when you find something you ordered over the internet months ago and forgot what retro machine it was intended for .. lol .. I did eventually figure them out but note to future self, if you are buying things you know you won’t get to , MAKE A NOTE ON IT WHAT IT IS/FOR .. lol

Spent the better portion of the entire day cleaning out my home office, 18+ months of time consuming work projects, personal projects etc are now either done or finishing up soon (3 years planning a personal vacation — all set and ready now) .. My god what mess this place was.. lol.. Nice I can find my Mister and other retro machines again..

@ne1for23 Oh I never said to excuse DeSantis .. oh no no no .. that douchebag should get what is coming to him for using human beings like that.. Im just saying the nugget of the idea is whatever the GOP try to weaponize, we own it, embrace it and do it one better .. but I think you get the idea of what I am trying to convey.. my mom would call it taking the wind out of their sails..

@ne1for23 I think that was the very one, and I mean, my god I never felt so hard like vomiting violently as what I experienced with that game .. I was fine till my car spun out and then it was right off a cliff from there.. I didnt get that experience on any other game, just something “magical” bout this one that kicks you with an iron boot right in the stomach ..

@ne1for23 So ive given this some thought (and also I live in Mass) .. I think, honestly the dems across the country should get their OWN busses and go pick up these migrants .. just one up and own this GOP stunt .. take the wind out of their bravado .. I mean think about it, they wouldn’t know what to do if instead of getting irate, we just did them one better and fetched them ourselves.

@ne1for23 Ever experience VR motion sickness, I never experienced till once, when I was playing a VR racing sim (forget which but it was a demo) and I wiped out at 200mph .. OMG .. it was like someone dragon kicked me in the stomach, I ripped off the head set and nearly lost it in my living room, I was quite ill for some time .. Granted this isn’t a specific Sony VR issue but man.. wow .. a unique experience I won’t easily forget.

@robdaemon that’s like my desoldering gun, bought it had it for like 3 years before I actually used it.. lol

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