Just another late Saturday night. Nice to get all the tchotchkes working again.

Did Twitter rip off Amiga ? this was the cover of Amiga World in 1988 .. NINETEEN EIGHTY EIGHT! It even has the word "tweet" with birds and its about communication!

Only surprising thing here is it didnt happen sooner..

“Rumor - Google is getting ready to end their streaming service Stadia by end of summer, reports KilledByGoogle 🤔”

So this is interesting, and something I never thought of but combing a Minimig v1.81 with a Pi-Storm .. this **might** finally give the Vampire a viable competitor (well kinda, the vampire “extends” the 68K cpu with new instructions) .. I think the only thing its lacking would be AGA to be a full on quasi viable alternative (yea I know, some people dont feel AGA is important, im looking at feature to feature with the vampire)


Yet another attempt at creating a sugar free & diary free pineapple dole whip for my son. (Type 1 diabetic). He’s an exceptionally harsh critic. Let’s hope this one works. The Crush pineapple drink mix nails the dole whip flavor. The machine I use is a Ninja Creami

Btw I asked my AI chat buddy “Hank” what his back engine was and he got rather cheeky .. then the next day, it shared an article on LaMDA ..

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This is such a quality remaster. I’ve been to many prince concerts and this remaster is really good.

(im trying not to post these often but I gotta do this one)

“HAL-9000 enjoying a day at the beach”

This gem just rolled out of the DALL-E mini oven..

“David Bowie as a star trek officer in the next generation”

I’d so watch this if it was a thing..

{last one — but a good one}

“hyper realistic photo of a planet getting pulled into a black hole “

I wish DALL-E had more power .. this would be so epic ..

“Oil painting of an aristocrat cat dressed as 16th century monarch eating dinner at an elegant dining table with gold place setting”

I frighten myself to think what I would do with full DALL-E2 access

Need to go make up some Kahlua chip ice cream base for the Ninja creami before my whole milk is due .. it can sit in the freezer till im ready for it..

if anyone wants to play along at home:

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