nothing like the smoke alarm going off at 1am for absolutely no actual reason.. no fire, nothing .. windows are wide open, perfect night .. yet .. note the other hard-wired alarm 5 feet away didnt.. (this is the battery one — I have two one battery one hardwired).


Got me to check the alarms we installed in the house back in 2020.

I rarely bother with battery tests because every few months cooking reminds us they work. 🙃

Mine have a sealed in battery that, when dead, is when the unit should be replaced which should be about 10 years after install, so I have almost 8 years left. They also have weird disposal directions.

Going off without reason has only happened to me when I'm accidentally use a battery replaceable unit past its shelf life.


Noticed there is a date stamp on the back. If it is the manufacture date, ours were installed at about 7.5 months old.

The user manual reveals:

"Date Code (located on back of alarm): The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the manufacturer recommend replacing this alarm ten years from the date code."

So what's the point of writing your own install and expiration date on the included sticker that has a +10 years written after the install date? 🙄


I forgot how messed up the labeling got after I let my mom label one. She turned a MM/YY field into a MM/DD/YYYY field.

Trying to be consistent, I used the same date format (also fitting poorly). Pen with marker wasn't helping my obsession with clarity and aesthetics.

Messed up on the final alarm too.

The +10 years is not overwritten here, but the sticker looks seriously faded in real life. Had to use image editing just to make things visible. I think the sticker came that way.

@ne1for23 This is the exact same unit I have, and like you mine is maybe at best 8 months old (I replaced my moms alarms with the 10 year batteries shortly before she went to the hospital and I did mine at the same time).. btw after I reset it, and hit it with a little compressed air , it never beeped again, but when it did it was saying “FIRE FIRE ..” there was no fire..

@ne1for23 Fun fact, either my son nor my wife actually woke up with the BEEEEEP BEEEEP FIRE FIRE FIRE BEEEEEEEEP … :-/

@ne1for23 the alarm was less than 10ft from either of them, more so my son since it was on the celling in the hallway right near his bedroom doorway ..


Time to make a Rube Goldberg version for them. Maybe it ends by dumping a bucket of water on them once started by a detected fire alarm sound. 😜

@ne1for23 my wife is well known to sleep with the dead, once when we started living together, the apt we rented the landlord (lived up stairs from us) was installing forced hot water and accidentally dropped a chunk of our celling in our living room , my wife slept thru the entire thing on the couch, including him with is alum ladder coming in to repair it, she wakes up “hey there is something weird with the celling”..

@ne1for23 There was also a time when a pickup truck fell into a sinkhole in the street from a busted water main (our apt was 1st floor) .. it was a circus outside, rescue trucks, cops, crowds of people, looked like a parade at night, she slept thru the entire thing, mere feet from our bedroom window, I took a video of it to show her the next day.. she sound asleep, and pan to the ruckus going out out the window right next to her.

@ne1for23 Ive vacuumed around her .. sound asleep .. never waking..


Does she have a sleeping disorder or take medications that cause this? That’s starting to sound unsafe.

@ne1for23 no .. tested … and I fully agree .. ive expressed this to her multiple times.. me on the other hand, a butterfly farts on the other side of the globe and I wake up.

@ne1for23 As a kid id be horrified by my parents stairs to the bedrooms, the house being 100+ years old, would “creak” in order of the last person to go up them at night .. so of course, as a kid, id hear them, like some ghost ascending the stairs, wake me up and freak me out .. .. good times..

@ne1for23 My sister who is living there now, says they STILL do this ..


Saying “FIRE FIRE ..”? There is a voice clip in these units? All I’ve heard is beeping.

@ne1for23 mine does .. maybe they aren’t exactly the same but mine talks, it also will announce CO if detected ..


Yeah, they’re definitely different units. Mine doesn’t do carbon monoxide, so we have a separate sensor.

@ne1for23 I was just going by the stickers .. they look identical .. but this house has hard wired alarms which are nice but the idea of a fire during a power outage motivated me years ago to also install a battery unit too .. (we have a wood stove and there have been times when we lost power and use the stove for heat — so this alone was my motivation, but in general not a bad idea to have a redundancy )

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