@ne1for23 not recently no. I think it was maybe 6? years ago. Idk. 8? I’ll try to find the news story but it made a kerfuffle in one of the southern states it occurred in. There was some clutching of pearls at the time. I want to say it was something as innocent as just a topic that was covered in a class or something equally insignificant. I just recall thinking how stupid they were being in their overreaction. Wasn’t even full on in school prayer or anything close.

For anybody confused what @ericgus posted tagging me, he made a "followers only" conversation switch to public, likely because the post I made disappeared by the time he finished writing his reply and watching your threading isn't easy enough on this platform.


The topic is how often "parents" of schoolchildren have in "over the past several years" in the US have gotten "irate" because of school staff trying to teach children islamic beliefs or prayers.

I challenged the statement.


So we've slipped from "as we have seen multiple times over the past several years" to trying to remember a single 6-8 year old example. 🙃

Well your new clues lead me to a 2017 news article you were possibly thinking of so vividly.

Its an odd one. They teach basic fundamentals about multiple religions as they relate to past civilizations.

Dorchester District II spokeswoman Patricia Raynor says the teachers do not promote any religion over another.


"Our concern is that if the[y] need permission to teach sexual education, they should be getting permission to teach religious values," the upset mom said.

This wasn't a "rogue teacher" or school, but rather the standard set for all public schools in South Carolina and the school "works with families" wanting to opt out.

Not directly answering the opt out question, I'd speculate working with families means only learning about Christianity when the class covers Rome. 🙄

@ne1for23 so I guess the TL/DR take away from all this is “watch this space now for future news items” .. as I strongly suspect this kinda thing is going to surface much more often and more prominently now with the SCOTUS ruling (and similarly tangentially related topics).

@ne1for23 yea that’s the one. And yep it’s odd. But I expect more of this kind of drama and pearl clutching. The recent ruling will only complicate these kinds of issues now.

@ne1for23 Also this is the one I specifically recall, there were others along similar lines .. but the specifics of those others at the moment escape me .. so its not just one unique isolated case, its just the one I can recall off the top of my head and the one that exemplifies the point im trying to make..

@ne1for23 the mobile app@im using was giving me grief. Crashed a few times so not surprised it did they.

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