I know this is going to sound crazy {why do things always start off that way} but, has anyone heard of a “wine like” layer for x86 Macs to let them run x86 Linux binaries? .. Yes I know one can recompile the linux app source, and you have the option of a VM but neither of those things is what Im talking about, (much like Wine allows x86 Linux to run Win binaries “native” . .. but for Linux binaries to run on OSX) .. Am I crazy? I know of “Darling” which does the reverse (Mac on Linux).

(cont) seems like this should be a “thing” ..


While a relevant project exists, its long since abandoned.

Brew, MacPorts, or full on manual compiling tend to meet the masses needs.

There isn't a large library of software that is sourceless and static Linux binaries people want to use without traditional virtualization. That would drive a desire for a Linux subsystem for macOS.

Dynamically linked binaries are why I think the upcoming Rosetta support for x86 Linux binaries requires an ARM64 Linux VM.

@ne1for23 There are some closed source binaries I am somewhat interested in where there is no access to the source to recompile.. but thank you for the link that’s exactly the kinda thing I was looking for ..

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