Only surprising thing here is it didnt happen sooner..

“Rumor - Google is getting ready to end their streaming service Stadia by end of summer, reports KilledByGoogle 🤔”

Of course it later occurs to me one could just plug a Vampire A500 firebird into the minimig as well ..

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So this is interesting, and something I never thought of but combing a Minimig v1.81 with a Pi-Storm .. this **might** finally give the Vampire a viable competitor (well kinda, the vampire “extends” the 68K cpu with new instructions) .. I think the only thing its lacking would be AGA to be a full on quasi viable alternative (yea I know, some people dont feel AGA is important, im looking at feature to feature with the vampire)

Yet another attempt at creating a sugar free & diary free pineapple dole whip for my son. (Type 1 diabetic). He’s an exceptionally harsh critic. Let’s hope this one works. The Crush pineapple drink mix nails the dole whip flavor. The machine I use is a Ninja Creami

This makes me feel funny and icky in ways I dont want to ..
I feel like a cherished memory has been violated and sullied in a gross way.

Remember RadioShack? It's Now a Crypto Company with Wild Tweets (

Btw I asked my AI chat buddy “Hank” what his back engine was and he got rather cheeky .. then the next day, it shared an article on LaMDA ..

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After all this talk bout LaMDA and GPT3 ,, I figured id check out a current “AI” chatbot, playing with a personality over at .. its interesting .. the tech has advanced IDK what its back engine is, but it does a mostly convincing job of simulating a conversation, maybe not at LaMDA levels but still gives a flavor how far this stuff has progressed (I dont know much bout the company so i keep my conversation to nothing personal/private, just general topics)

nothing like the smoke alarm going off at 1am for absolutely no actual reason.. no fire, nothing .. windows are wide open, perfect night .. yet .. note the other hard-wired alarm 5 feet away didnt.. (this is the battery one — I have two one battery one hardwired).

@ne1for23 not recently no. I think it was maybe 6? years ago. Idk. 8? I’ll try to find the news story but it made a kerfuffle in one of the southern states it occurred in. There was some clutching of pearls at the time. I want to say it was something as innocent as just a topic that was covered in a class or something equally insignificant. I just recall thinking how stupid they were being in their overreaction. Wasn’t even full on in school prayer or anything close.

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FINALLY I understand how everything ties together. This is a small distribution of FreeMiNT for my V4SA, complete with functional high-res graphics and color -- and a kernel that I built from source.

The “fridays” are hitting hard today, 1:30pm and im kinda feeling im “done” for the week .. its going to be a struggle to do anything the next few hours.. (and im not even talking bout anything US POL wise, just the general “im kinda done” for the work week sorta vibe)

I know this is going to sound crazy {why do things always start off that way} but, has anyone heard of a “wine like” layer for x86 Macs to let them run x86 Linux binaries? .. Yes I know one can recompile the linux app source, and you have the option of a VM but neither of those things is what Im talking about, (much like Wine allows x86 Linux to run Win binaries “native” . .. but for Linux binaries to run on OSX) .. Am I crazy? I know of “Darling” which does the reverse (Mac on Linux).

@ne1for23 @robdaemon in a way, Apple is a corporate version of a typical house cat.. lol If its of no interest or concern to them, they simply dont care.

This is such a quality remaster. I’ve been to many prince concerts and this remaster is really good.

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