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Happy to see that Jekyll's Minima theme supports mastodon out of the box, just put your instance and username is the _config,yml file.

Why do my cheese sticks say gluten free on them? That should go without saying. 😕

Potty Training the Kids with Alexa: How to use technology for fun and profit!

So annoyed by Spotify ads targeted at men, so I changed myself to non-binary in my profile. See if that helps.

I find for all the time I spend with computers, care and feeding of my windows machines takes the most time. Such as this, I discovered my Windows 10 gaming rig was behind on updates a while, and now it's taking forever to catch up after I fixed the blockage. Oh how I wish for apt update; apt upgrade -y

Finally patched the power supply overheat problem on my computer, box fan with the side off, works nice.

OpenVPN is working, VPN link to home is now setup!

Trying to explain to my 2 year old that a kittens tail is not a handle...

Or the extruder is running in reverse...😡

and... fail. It's like the plastic just won't flow right... :(

3d printer primed with new pla, and reaching temp for hello world print.
Hope this goes well.

Laptop is portable again, thanks to a new battery!

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