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Failed hard drive removed from computer, rebuilding storage drive. All the important stuff was backed up to @SDF , so just 1TB of cruft lost... I'm sure I'll accumulate it again.

Time to play around with and a windows 2000 vm. Figure it should be easy enough to use as target practice!

What is it with my kids and tabbing though my fitbit?

Managing VM's from inside a VM... This is getting way to meta.

Reading the news is just a sure fire way to see the world is going to crap. Any Objections?

Making dinner, we're having pizza, perogies, and taquitos. What's on your plate tonight?

@snowdusk_ Nice setup, my mac classic is in need of new ram I think, so it's good to see these units up and running. I do have my parents old mac mini up and running in the basement, makes an excellent ssh terminal.

Is there currently no audio on anonradio?

Good news everyone! I'm getting new glasses. Bad news: Now I need to retake my profile pics in 2 weeks.

Stupid Sprinter Weather, it's snowing again.

The song "Ice Queen" by Within Temptation reminds me of Charn from Narnia.

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