Show newer @twylo What terminal is that? That thing looks cool

@art looks about right, apple has an adapter for everything

Just checking the packet radio this morning, no Winlink messages, but I did have a message waiting on the local packet bbs. What a nice way to start a snowy morning.

Old QOS settings throttled the internet to speeds that made my internet sad. Turned off qos for now, Internet happy again.

Christianity, parenting 

@paladin1 I think the major thing is to bring them up knowing that they are loved by Christ. I don't know if your church does infant baptism, we do at ours, and part of that is a promise by the church to have the child never know themselves apart from the body of Christ.

7 telemarketer calls spoofed from my local area code so far tonight. Any ideas on how to make them stop. I'm already using google voice's spam blocking.

@Louks Ah cool, I'm looking at a moto x4 for my next phone, as my current one is nursed back to life each night, and somewhat feels like it's on life support. Don't get me wrong, it's been a good phone, its just on it's last leg.

Tending to my pet laptop. Running updates on the pacman portion of the system.

Enjoying working on and getting a personal grid setup.

@Louks I was somewhat annoyed by it not being something worth my attention, like a storm warning or a missing child. So the president wants me to know that the push system works, big deal. Anyways, theres a way to turn off the notifications? I didn't think they had that for presidential ones. Are you on a rooted phone?

@Louks But it was just a test, no action was required! Didn't realise that was going to be a thing today.

@ParadeGrotesque Welcome to Meta, enjoy the raw power of the array! Sift the data with the cluster. Crawl in the gopher holes!

Enjoying this old laptop running and . It's not the first combo you might think of, but it seems to be working out really well.

@snowdusk_ Sorry, my keyboard hit 88wpm, and time traveled.
(11:11pm for anyone wondering what the heck is going on)
EDIT: Wow, having trouble today.

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