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It's launch day people. And we're less then an hour out!

Watching the lord of the rings trilogy. Gandalf is a badass.

@SDF Suspicious, We'll have to keep an eye out for them! 🕵️

Anyone else discover the magic of broiled toast and cheese before? It's wonderful.

@xmanmonk There are worse things, but I feel for you man.

@SDF Goodnight, and may you find use again in your afterlives!

Waiting with the munchkin at the children's hospital, waiting for her to get better. @jakob There's always a few at every uni, maybe @jakob will find the chosen few.

@xmanmonk I have to say, I don't always drink soda pop, but when I do, forget it, I'm having regular unleaded.

@xmanmonk @moondoggy The true conspiracy here is them keeping Hellaphone from going mainstream.
I always wanted to get it running on one of my devices, but never had a supported device.

@xmanmonk @moondoggy Oh that's another whole item... the phone I spent money on, that I apparently "own", I can't fully remove facebook from. I can/have disabled it, but it's still in there someplace, lurking in the 1's and 0's. I find it unsettling sometimes.

@moondoggy but that's the thing, if my phone feels free to change my wifi settings without asking me, what data is it sharing without asking me? I mean, I already openly sell my location history to google for money, (Google Opinion Rewards App) Which is funny given that I'm a bit paranoid, heck I even take pills for it, but I KNOW I'm selling that information. With the rest of the phone, I've got no clue, it's kinda scary.

@moondoggy I outright "bought" my galaxy s8 recently, and can't figure out why it routinely decides to adjust my settings to "optimize" battery life. I mean, I know it's probably just a switch in there, but for goodness sakes... leave the wifi on! I can see the draw of an open source smartphone too, even at that price.

@art That's interesting, because I was at a class on last night myself at the library in my town. It was pretty interesting stuff even if it was just tinkercad. I feel like I have a better grasp of basic modeling now!

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