Is there currently no audio on anonradio?

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@epl692 You are correct. Nothing is scheduled at the moment.

@epl692 Remember, when the hour hits, I think you have to hit play again. At least you do in Chrome.

@xmanmonk I'm going to put vlc on repeat to see if that works.

@epl692 Oh yeah, VLC will probably do it right. It does everything right.

@xmanmonk If only I could get it at the gym, no wifi there...

@epl692 You might be able to icecast it on your phone, but your data rate is gonna go way up.

@xmanmonk I only get billed for the data I use, so I try to keep my usage down to 200mb a month or so

@epl692 Smart. The other option is to just play the archives :)

@xmanmonk I was just thinking about that, I think someone had a podcast feed of it or something. Then I could listen to it at the gym. I really should get back into podcasts.

@epl692 On the website, just go to archives after the show. They should all be there. Wait a few seconds for it to save the one after the show, though.

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