@publius I tend to have a death grip on the pens, but it's much easier to relax with this one!

@mrb That's what I've heard, although I've seen a small amount of conflicting information. I'm not sure why Jet Pens was selling both, but I semi-randomly decided to get this one.

@publius It came with one cartridge of plain old Pilot Namiki Black. There's a converter, too.

@starbreaker When I wrote out my Christmas wish list as a kid, my mom always said, "Go ahead and ask for whatever you want. You might not get it, but it doesn't hurt to ask."

@Deiru@gensokyo.social Darn. Better luck next time.

**(at top of lungs)**

Iiiii've been workin' on the ooooorg-mode
Allllllll the live-long day


I bookmarked it but have had very little time for tinkering lately.

I've never been a resolution-maker, but this may be a good year to not be online.

Ready for cable connections and brain download. Assembly took about 6.5 hours. Box said 1-3 hours. Blatant lie.

That electric fence tends to keep people on one side, though.

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