@ephzero thank you thank you thank you for hashtagging your in such a grand fashion!

@cosullivan My pleasure! It hadn't occurred to me to do it in any other way...

@ephzero Hey what got you into HaikuOS? Were you a BeOS user? Former BeOS user here, my apologies for locking in on that one hashtag so intently.

@satchmoz I wasn't a BeOS user -- at least, I don't think I was! I guess I'm just intrigued by niche OSes. 🙂 It sounded so promising when they started out -- their description about what they wanted to do sounded right up my alley. Of course, that was so long ago that I don't remember what they said. 😄 Certainly had given up hope that the beta would ever be released!

@ephzero I frage mich, was sind wsl und bagoholic?

If you like niche OSes, you may also want to have a look at Redox.

@artixx WSL heißt Windows Subsystem for Linux. Bagoholic ist kein richtiges Wort...bedeutet nur dass ich Handtaschen mag. 🙂

Hadn't heard of Redox -- I will check it out!

I bookmarked it but have had very little time for tinkering lately.

@dekkzz78 I've thought of a few more since posting that ^_^

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