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I hate the phrase "over-the-shoulder training" because I do not, in fact, want someone hanging over my shoulder.

**(at top of lungs)**

Iiiii've been workin' on the ooooorg-mode
Allllllll the live-long day


I've never been a resolution-maker, but this may be a good year to not be online.

Ready for cable connections and brain download. Assembly took about 6.5 hours. Box said 1-3 hours. Blatant lie.

I found a new friend for $19.99 at Goodwill. All parts still sealed.

To be fair, I blame poorly-designed UX.

Technology should not be harder to figure out than a toaster for normal people.

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Normal people are so freaking helpless with technology.

And they definitely don't know how to provide enough information for troubleshooting.

That is all.

I've been away for a few days. What have I missed?

Some things I did today:
- Figured out why my was only showing a blank page (answer: installing on borked something; uninstalling fixed)
- Added another device to location tracking in
- had some nice and
- assorted dumb chores
- more dumb chores to come

Bah, it's noon already -- goofing off too much. Time to do something useful.

Also trying out a node for the heck of it. Anyone else using that in addition?

Profiles should have anti-tags. Yes to , no to -eggplant. I'd rather have a plus than a pound sign for the sake of consistency.

I thought those 12 years of piano lessons were a waste until I discovered .

Frankly, the beautiful weather we're having this late in the season just makes me uneasy. It feels like a trick.

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