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Doctors: We'd like an hourly wage

Government: Hmmm sounds complicated, how about a one-time bonus to hold up our failing health care system for two years so that you burn out and leave the profession


Got a production manager gig at the Edinburgh Festival.

Sounds a lot more glamorous than it is but a cool show and nice people. Wonderful having tours in the diary again! :mpc: :808: :arp: :pcx1:

Empathizing with someone doesn’t mean agreeing with or even tolerating their bad idea. It means seeing them as humans with a complex life, and understanding why they think the way they think. This makes it much more likely that you’ll be able to engage effectively with them, including making better choices about when to engage at all

Failing to exercise empathy leads at best to engaging in ways that make people dig in harder to their beliefs; and at worst to dehumanizing and othering, which tend to end in violence and other harms

Caravan - For Girls Who Grow Plump in the Night
1973 London XPS 637
Prog Rock

I decided to start a couple of blogs on Tumblr - mainly just to annoy people or something.

This is my first one. It's about why I like to watch #CinemaSins videos on #youtube

#blog #criticism #critique

Status update: "Complacencies of the peignoir, and late coffee and oranges in a sunny chair,..."

Reminder that if you live in Italy, are aged 50+, and have a history of smoking of 15+ pack/year, you may already get free lung screening with low-dose thoracic CT.

FIORI RARI: storia romantica di un’etichetta indipendente

Spendido concerto ieri sera a Genzano di Roma, con Roberto Angelini. Anche a Villa Ada il 20/07.


Thanks for sharing!

In fact, the German Research Foundation (DFG) in June 2021 warned on the matter of online surveillance / data tracking in scientific publishing. Unfortunately this did not receive the public attention it deserves:

The Water Wars Come to the Suburbs

A community near Scottsdale, Arizona, is running out of water. Amid the finger-pointing, the real question is: how many developments will be next?

@ who would have thought so, 960ft 40k$ dry holes ...

notice maricopa county ...

And iron deficiency is alone already a good reason to recommend seeking advise from a dietician and integrate with supplements not only because of the risk of anemia.

TL;DR nothing wrong. I just didn't like the narrative, the way it was put, as if OP had made some sensational discovery.

But that's just my personal debatable opinion.

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This is not to say that iron deficiency can't by itself determine fatigue; iron for example is used in a myriad of high-potential oxydo-reductase enzyme which are crucial for the proper functioning of many tissues, including heart, liver and muscles. The levels of hemoglobin (low=anemia) in fact aren't a good proxy for iron deficiency, whereas ferritin levels (iron storage protein) are.

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In particular the Twitter thread linked reports:

"Additional evidence that iron deficiency alone can cause symptoms comes from studies of polycythemia vera, a condition associated with high rates of:

➤Iron deficiency AND

Despite high hemoglobin values!"

And I was like: have you considered that polycythemia vera is a myeloproliferative *neoplasm* which results in altered hemodynamics, clotting and can evolve in acute leukemia?

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Amazing how anytime I see a health related thread [1] on Hacker News, it almost inevitably links to some questionable source, and the comment section is really something else :3.

It makes me wonder how is it to browse news aggregators like this from the perspective of a professional in other scientific fields, namely CS.


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