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I don't think it gets talked about enough how hard and maybe sometimes impossible navigating this society is when neither your brain or body work like other people's.
Might be intentional, seems built to make it hard to access resources that are needed to live. I'm sure this system kills people off regularly.

Just got my PhD student for the Summer Leadership Program. Yay for women in #science! (Computational biophysics in this case.)

Now how do I NOT tell her that her life is about to get exceedingly worse and the world is broken? I thought things would be better for girls by now.

Also, this news makes me very sad. Fuck cancer.

Getting things ready for Green Day concert at Florence Rock festival. Picture by a common friend.

Started working in a local family doctor's office. Love it. But also, with my mental ups and downs of the last years, I can see how I end up forgetting many important things, which definitely need a proper revision, the sooner the better.

Consciousness is supported by near-critical slow cortical electrodynamics

“Here, we empirically identify a mathematically specific critical point near which waking cortical oscillatory dynamics operate, which is known as the edge-of-chaos critical point, or the boundary between stability and chaos.„

The line between vaccines and medicines has blurred as new immunotherapy strategies emerge in a range of indications.
Vaccine frontiers: how to treat established disease

I also decided to package [2] ksh93u+m, the actively developed fork of the official Korn Shell 93u+, which contains a lot bug fixes and improvements over the last official release from AT&T Software Toolkit (AST), which was no longer under development.

As an illumos-raised kind of guy, ksh93u+m represents now my interactive shell of choice. It's also the default ksh version on Slackware 15.0.


I've packaged [2] the portable version of the Game of Trees (got[1]) VCS from @stsp for . GoT uses repositories to store versioned data, is licensed under ISC (BSD), and prioritizes ease of use and simplicity over flexibility.

A few pictures of my balcony. Quite a few of those plants are from OpenSourceSeeds: the tomatoes and calendula. I'm already looking forward to when the calendula starts to bloom 💜

I didn't know that blocklistd(8) had added support for httpd(8) on NetBSD. I shall add a blocklistd policy to take advantage of this feature.

"Upon occurrence, bozohttpd reports two HTTP status codes to blocklistd(8) as failures: 401 (``Unauthorized'') and 403 (``Forbidden'') . Of these, 401 is the one received upon authorization failure with the HTTP Basic Authorization mechanism. A successful authorization decreases the counter kept by blocklistd(8)."

The O’Keefe Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) music organization that offers music lessons, FREE music camps, FREE recording sessions and FREE music videos to young musicians from around the world! With your help, all children, regardless of economic circumstance, gain access to high quality music education, top of the line instruments, professional recording equipment and the ability to follow their dreams!

A 1600-year-old yew trees, the Jack-in-the-Green festival, thoughts on rituals, and a handful of and spiritual links.

I finally managed to write a new newsletter! And it is here ➡️

☀️ 🕸️

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