@dynamic when I used Facebook on high school, it was exclusively to interact to class mate sbsnd people in my area. It used to be fun at that time, with a dial-up connection.

Question the #scientists and people using numeric libraries here: I have a function that represent fluxes between places.
To make sure all fluxes are visible, I want to introduce an argument to for the arrow to have *at least* a certain width (i.e. even if it should be sub-pixel size, you will be able to see it because its size will be artificially increased).

What name would you think is more intuitive?

My daughter was redecorating her room, and wanted a large solar system poster.

So, I designed a set that reflects the "world-focused" view of the Solar System that I've used when presenting planetary science to kids -- emphasizing moons, planets, and dwarf planets as worlds in themselves.

I did a print run, and I still have some for sale in my shop. The individual posters are 19"x27".

I still have some for sale in my shop (link in reply).

@annasara @tagomago in all due honesty, I may fall into a minority, but I sincerely like this design. But the again, I also like plain html...

dumbassery shit post 

@ParadeGrotesque on UEFI it's even more complicate, as the designed new vmlinuz needs to physically reside on the EFI partition.
`eliloconfig' disappointed me more than once. I now have a custom script, which I use right after slackpkg, to generate the initramfs and export it together to the kernel.
On a Linux system (UEFI) with wrong modules version, you can't even mount the EFI partition, since that needs the correct vfat.ko. Welcome to hell XD.

@m2m don't know about LibreWolf, but SeaMonkey reports itself as SeaMonkey.

@emacsomancer wow; Had been using FairEmail for a couple of years at least, with something like 5-6 connected accounts. The UI is not really intuitive, but the client is definitely feature-rich.

@dressupgeekout let's hope someone notices it; it would be very unfortunate if this ended in -10, and I fear almost nobody has been testing nouveau on NetBSD lately.

It is a biological fact that transposes well onto computer ecosystems that variation and diversity is GOOD.

Make sure ecosystems are diverse and, by extension, healthy.

~work stuff, sciencing, day job 

@sconlan I for one, would be interested in hearing more :3

~work stuff, sciencing, day job 

May has been a month of project sprints. Two down*, two to go, ahead of schedule. But, man, I’m exhausted. Braining is hard.

(*) what exactly is it you do?
1. Piloting Salinibacter ruber as a spike-in for 16S amplicon quantitation
2. Analysis of the virome of an extremely rare patient population
3. Microbiome of nursing home patients
4. Comparing the microbiome of lab vs wild mice

Having a hard time with nouveau and a Nvidia GTX 1060 on my workstation, using the updated drm/kms stack in HEAD (9.99.96). Bug reported here: mail-index.netbsd.org/netbsd-b

playing hide-and-seek with a rat!

different neurons of the prefrontal cortex change their activity depending on the "phase of the game" - fun research, certainly more ecologically relevant than watching rats in cages.

#neuroscience #science


I’ve wondered this same thing about photos of Japan for years, and he nailed it.

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