Second type of criticality in the brain uncovers rich multiple-neuron dynamics


This paper deals with the hypothesis of the #brain functioning close to a critical state. It proposes a different critical transition that could explain dynamics that previously seemed incompatible with the standard critical point considered (which was associated to neuronal avalanches).

#neuroscience #science #neurons #neuronalActivity

@chiasm some pollens, bur really mildly; when in need I use antihistamines and an ophthalmic unguent based in steroids and cloramphenicol for complicated states. By the way, anxious states, sleep deprivation, poor hydration, cannabis use, are other things commonly associated with eye dryness. As an acute and transient symptom, dryness may also represent the onset of a viral conjunctivitis en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allerg

But in good news, the Nature Neuroscience editorial I wrote with my sweetie got all sorts of interest--my sweetie's old PhD advisor dropped us a note about it, a Big Name in Neuroscience whom I don't know personally dropped me a note about it (eeeeeee!!), a collaborator we haven't talked to in over a decade downloaded it from Academia.edu... Weird, really. We should write one together every year! #academics
The Big Name was pointing out we should read his book, but still, he was complimentary.

@chiasm sure about having not started any new medical treatment recently? Is the any sign of inflammation? Did you experience skin or mouth dryness as well?

@damiacer sort of; volunteers enrolled for research are usually placed just after lunch time, so right before the afternoon shift at interventional neuroradiology πŸ˜….

@damiacer surprisingly, yes 🀣.
Floor -1 of the neurosurgery department, they have a couple of 3T magnets. The sequences are analyzed by some workstations located at the 2nd floor of Human Neurosciences Department (Viale dell'UniversitΓ  30, Clinica delle Malattie Nervose e Mentali, di fronte a Urologia).
Best luck with your work, looking forward to hear news on that!

@lauraritchie nice! Let's just hope symptoms won't last long then.
To be honest, as a health worker, I could have received the third dose even tomorrow, but as I'm currently prevented from driving, I had to catch the first available appointment at the small hospital closest to the town where I live.

@LearnTribe steroids dosage largely varies based on the subject (weight, adult vs kid), the condition to treat (especially considering they're used in an extremely diverse range of situations), and whether it's induction or maintenance treatment we're talking about.
Also, usually there's no clear guideline on the precise dose to use and it all comes down to the judgement of the physician.
This is not to play down your observation, which may as well turn out a valid point in this case.

@LearnTribe yes, I definitely agree with you. In Italy, the only maganize I feel like supporting is Internazionale, and even in that case, I have serious doubt about some of its positions to be actually maneuvered and distorted by some influential powers.
God bless open zines, I guess :/

We all need to thoroughly understand our past and present orthodoxies so that we can see where they are wrong and in need of change. Thomas Kuhn argues that it is only by fully understanding current paradigms that we may actually progress.


Doing some research on the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex (dACC) and having a hard time trying to make sense of the non-consistent parcellation model and nomenclature used in literature over the last 2 decades.

@simsa04 @ajroach42 well it's not like I feel entitled to do something I reckon as plain wrong, even if most people did so and my disagreement wouldn't impact the current trend, or even the foreseeable worsening of the present scenario. Besides that, it's individual consumers who fuel consumerism, who create demand for big companies and keep the market alive. For the very little I can contribute, I like to try to give my example, and provide evidence that alternatives are feasible.

My behavior is the same as in March 2020. I keep my distance in public. I wear a mask in indoor crowded spaces. I'm vaccinated. I got a booster. If everyone did that, we could stop talking about the virus. I have not lost any freedom by doing those things.

As world focuses on omicron, delta variant overwhelms parts of U.S.:


Buy used, when you buy.

Repair things when you can.

Stop consuming media that was produced by billionaires and invest your time in open content.

Create open content.

Share the thing you've created with your friends.

Write a blog, instead of posting to facebook. Use mastodon instead of twitter.

Buy your food locally, and when it's in season.

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