To make our wardrobes sustainable, we must cut how many new clothes we buy by 75%

Fast fashion is being replaced by ultra-fast fashion and many efforts do little to confront the sector’s consumption

If things don’t change fast, the fashion industry could use a quarter of the world’s remaining global carbon budget to keep warming under 2C by 2050, and use 35% more land to produce fibres by 2030.

Geothermal energy is starting to seem like a viable alternative for replacing gas used for heating in Europe, with prices around €60/MWH vs gas at ~€200/MWH

Study reveals 41% of US children think that bacon came from a plant.

"Eating a plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways people can reduce their carbon footprint. However, global consumption of meat and other animal products is increasing. Studying children's beliefs about food may shed light on the relationship between eating behaviors and climate change.."

How to Transition From Industrialized Agriculture to Permaculture

“Big industry claims they are there to meet the ever-growing demand for food supplies. What do we offer as a foundation for our arguments that we can do the same, better? How long would it take to start feeding the world if transitioned wholesale to permaculture today? What would the transition cost humanity? Wouldn't there be sacrifice involved?„

Open access article on plant based food and the sustainable food city network.
"Recent years have seen an increase in actions across the global North to address a key feature of food in the Anthropocene: the over-production and consumption of animal-based foods, or the “animalisation” of diets (Fourat & Lepiller, 2017)...."

The Eco Ally Guide to Sustainability Jobs and Entrepreneurship
Here's a very thorough guide featuring advice from people doing sustainability consulting, urban planning, startups, enviro law, and much more.

"Years of time, effort, research, experience, conversations, successes, failures… all combined into one *massive* guide so that you can save some time and get started on your path to impact today."

Why Italy Might See a Worker Co-operative Boom

[...] 'In Italy 87% of businesses that have been taken over by the workers survive their first 3 years, compared to 48% of all Italian businesses'.

[...] 'Italy has long been held as the poster child of worker buyouts thanks to an ecosystem of support for potential worker-owned firms and legislation that makes the process more widely available and straightforward'.


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