I also decided to re-read my very old Italian edition of Dune, from Nord Editor, as part of the golden 'Classic of Scientific Fiction' series, dated 1973

I went watching Dune (2021) at theater, and I won't deny being really impressed: in the of wake Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival, Villeneuve managed to gift the spectator with an immersive cinematic journey into wide-angle framed landscapes of Arrakis. He successfully reinvented Dune, while still keeping as true as possible to the novel and Lynch's movie.

As a side note, I had the chance to get a cool poster for free.

Recently I discovered Echoes of Bluemars — Music For The Space Traveler^[1][2] an intriguing internet radio station which features experimental ambient / instrumental / low-fi /newwave music with a n unmistakable scifi-fi and post-cyberpunk vibe. It really helps me isolate from the rest when I need to focus and get some job done!

[1] echoesofbluemars.org/
[2] streams.echoesofbluemars.org:8

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