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Computational pipeline to probe NaV1.7 gain-of-function variants in
neuropathic painful syndromes

“Our findings reveal the usefulness of our computational pipeline in
supporting the selection of candidates for cell electrophysiology assay
and with potential clinical applications.„

What’s the point of holiday gifts?
Weaving webs of connections.
"Studies show that spending money on others feels better than splurging on ourselves. In fact, neuroscientists have found that making a donation makes the brain’s reward circuitry light up more than receiving a gift. Moreover, the joy of giving a gift lasts longer than the fleeting pleasure of accepting it."

The prefrontal cortex and (uniquely) human cooperation: a comparative perspective

Amazing open access article:
”Taking a comparative approach, we consider shared and unique aspects of cooperative behaviors in humans relative to nonhuman primates, as well as divergences in brain structure that might support uniquely human aspects of cooperation.”

Short but concise video explaining the neuroscience behind our listening to music and the way it affects brain. By Suzanne B. Hanser, music therapy professor.

Fluctuations in narrative engagement while paying attention to the same narrative –like a TV show– relate to patterns of brain coactivation and may predict later recall, according to new research from the University of Chicago.

Neuroimaging reflected the similarities in brain activity synchronization at the same points of the story across the subject participants.

6 Essential Cognitive Skill

The diagram mostly focuses on executive and visuospatial functions only, respectively mapped in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and posterior area (at the temporoparietal junction). Nevertheless, still interesting and helpful info!

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