I was recently pointed to eMWM [1], the Enhanced Motif Window Manager. As a fan of traditional stacking wms, I decided to package it for . It's available in wip. Really lovely.
RoboNuggie made a nice review [2] of EMWM running on FreeBSD.

[1] fastestcode.org/emwm.html
[2] invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=

I like to see the term 'Community' beneath LibreOffice in the LO suite's splash screen.

NetBSD Explained: The Unix System That Can Run on Anything
"If you want a system that's more 'Unix-like' than the way Linux has evolved, NetBSD might be a breath of fresh air."

Got FreeDOS on my thinkpad R51; connected to Internet via IBM's official IPX/SPX Netware driver for Intel/PRO LAN 100 adapters, coupled with an opensource IPX2TCP shim^[1]. Having fun on VortexBBS (telnet client borrowed from the mTCP^[2] stack)

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