Finally, I thought I might as well play Dune II over again before jumping into Dune 2000, so yesterday I built the DuneLegacy source port through . I'll recommend this one over OpenDune: texture replacements, multi unit selection, queued base building, good scaling at higher resolutions, make it overall a better fit for modern PCs, even if this comes at the expense of a lower adherence to the vanilla DOS game.

I also decided to re-read my very old Italian edition of Dune, from Nord Editor, as part of the golden 'Classic of Scientific Fiction' series, dated 1973

I went watching Dune (2021) at theater, and I won't deny being really impressed: in the of wake Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival, Villeneuve managed to gift the spectator with an immersive cinematic journey into wide-angle framed landscapes of Arrakis. He successfully reinvented Dune, while still keeping as true as possible to the novel and Lynch's movie.

As a side note, I had the chance to get a cool poster for free.

Yesterday I went to Vintage Market Roma, host inside a an former warehouse for the local public transports unit.
Tons of old goodies, used and new, handmade accessories, indie and retro art, alternative and sustainable initiatives. Even met a young man who was printing his photos in cyanotype on handmade paperback!
Eventually bought a poster featuring a story of About Today song, by the National, designed by a local artist.

So, the adventure begins? I signed for the SDF Fall 2021 Plan9 Boot Camp. I had never used a Plan9 system before. It feels different, maybe not as much as something like VMS, but definitely a different beast.
Thanks @SDF for this initiative and the precious learning opportunity they're offering to users

Went in the wood gathering the last blueberries of the season; autumn is approaching.
Met a boar mother with her little ones, but they eventually noticed me and got away before I could take a picture.

20 Companies Profiting the Most from War

β€œThe countries included in our visual have foreign policies committed to international institutions, the rule of law, and peacemaking efforts (except perhaps Russia). Large segments of the economies of developed nations (especially in the U.S.) depend on manufacturing and selling weapons and other military-related manufactured goods.β€ž

How to Transition From Industrialized Agriculture to Permaculture

β€œBig industry claims they are there to meet the ever-growing demand for food supplies. What do we offer as a foundation for our arguments that we can do the same, better? How long would it take to start feeding the world if transitioned wholesale to permaculture today? What would the transition cost humanity? Wouldn't there be sacrifice involved?β€ž

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