Vincristine (a chemotherapic), like other alkaloids with antiblastic/cytostatic properties, is derived from 'vinca rosacea', commonly referred to as 'bright eye' (pic below).

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Who cares about iPod when you have a Sony WALKMAN mp3 player and a pair of AudioTechnica headphones?

Mysterious hepatitis outbreak sickens young children in Europe as CDC probes cases in Alabama

Researchers suspect an adenovirus may be involved, but are still searching for the cause of illness.

Cc. @CarpaccioDiScienza

Today I participated to the Race for the Cure, a 5 km race inside Rome's historical center, born as a funding campaign for the research on breast cancer.

After many physical issues, this was the first time I realistically tried to challenge my body in 2 years. Completed it in 27 min. Definitely out of shape, but I'm pretty satisfied, and, above all, this year turned out more fun than ever.

Elegant beauty. Rome's rose garden is open to public only one month a year, in occasion of the flowering of roses.

Found this at a flea market this morning.
“In May 2005, Audioslave became the first American rock band to ever perform in Cuba. 60,000 screaming fans witnessed this historic event.„

And here it is. Slackware 15 running under qemu/nvmm on NetBSD. Retro fvwm theme to honor that of Slackware 1.1.2.
Listening to aNONradio by having qemu redirect OSS output to /dev/audio. Performance is good with 2 dedicated cores and 4G of RAM.

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