I'm by no means an expert on this field, but cryptocurrencies to me really look like the MLM fraud of a cyberpunk nightmare turned into reality.

@KAR0LINGUS Multi-level marketing, non so se ci hai mai avuto a che fare direttamente o indirettamente. Un mio amico c'era dentro fino al collo e a 18 anni mi ci voleva trascinare (Amway). Una realtà allucinante, schizofrenica, quasi da brividi.

@encelado ah ok certo, si ricordo un amico andò a una loro convention dove tentavano di reclutare gente.
hai ragione, le criptovalute sono proprio una truffa del genere

@encelado isn't that—to some extent at least—true of all financial trading though

Whether it's a fraud or not, the rich/influent get richer principle encoded in almost all mainstream cryptocurrencies and the buy hardware incentive many of them foster are really things that make me dismiss these on principle.
Plus the fact that blockchain means you're broadcasting everything you buy to everyone...
Anyhow, there are a few exceptions that seem interesting (like the June) but they are obviously not the popular ones as they offer no "cash in quick" options)

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