Managed to compile the #gnustep version of #emacs. Looking good so far but a bit buggy

@julienxx great! I have a working motif version of Emacs 27 on my Solaris 11 box :-)

@julienxx I'm not at home now, so I can't access the PC, but a here's a screenshot of my fvwm3/pkgsrc based Solaris 11 desktop, featuring a motif/CDE look. Editor is XNEdit.

@julienxx yes, totally agree with that. It's clean, elegant, lightweight, easy on sight, and most importantly makes objects clearly distinguishable.
I often see medical applications still using motif or what look like proprietary derivatives.

@encelado too bad it's not really a friendly toolkit to work with


@julienxx yes, and on top of that, it is sadly far from being anywhere capable of keeping up with modern standards. There are too many use cases were using Motif would fall short.

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