Alien (1979) vs Aliens (1986). Which one did you enjoy most?

@encelado no an equation I can compute. Both, for different reasons. Preference fluctuates with mood.

@tbn97 great, thanks for commenting. I think I lean towards Ridley Scott's Alien better,due to its inherent hard-boiled scifi horror nature (as opposed to the space-marine action movie style of Aliens), as well as the fact that I think some characters are developed better from a insight/psychological standpoint;also, I think in Alien Ripley ends up being the only survivor mainly due to her skills, knowledge,rationality, promptness, and not because of her being some sort of female Schwarzenegger.

@encelado I agree 100%. It is the better film. But I enjoy them equally. Depending on if I want popcorn fodder or an engrossing film that delivers on multiple levels.

Alien, no question for me!
In the whole series, I really enjoyed 1 and 3, then 4. Aliens is by far my least favorite

@encelado is a hardone to tell... I personally pick the first one wichi is little bit more "horror" and I feel the second one a little bit more "action oriented'...but still very good nonetheless

Alien, the eigth passenger. Ridley Scott at his best (with Blade Runner, 1982).

@zack very true. Also, Thelma & Louise <3. Recently, I've appreciated R.Scott's 'The Last Duel', in spite of the fact it's been largely frowned upon. It takes after Kurosawa's Rashomon.

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