Also, I find that studying on legacy hardware with limited specs holds me back from getting distracted and wasting time. Below a screen dump and a pic of my IBM Thinkpad running NetBSD/i386.
Using Zathura as .pdf reader while streaming Echoes of Bluemars with mplayer.

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I have a T60 I've been thinking of putting either soem Linux or a BSD on, for practice.

T60 are fabolous and almost unbreakable machines. Peak IBM desktop design. I'd go with either NetBSD/OpenBSD or Slackware/Void, whatever compels you most

@encelado you totally have resources for a better window manager on that thing ... would run e16 at least !

I actually happen to like CTWM. In the last few years I've been almost exclusively using either ctwm and fvwm (regardless of the underlying hardware) to the point I would hardly feel comfortable on anything else :3

@encelado Indeed I have a 15 year old laptop running netbsd. Its actually very nice.

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