YouTube has removed hundreds of videos showing robots battling other robots after claiming they are in breach of its rules surrounding animal cruelty.

¿De que tamaño seríael reloj de la abadía de Westminster (Big Ben). Si se colocara a nivel de la calle?.

* Física Recreativa, vol.1
Y. Perelman

*** Smartcomputing (?):

Touch, lights on face, emojis, finger scanner, triple camera, selfies.

Req: Wifi connection, SIM card, charging outlets and wires, plan$ $ervices.

**** Computing:
Homeworks, programming, servers.

Req: Wifi, ram, HD, ISP, electric energy.

**** Retrocomputing:
Programming, servers.

Req: Lot of paper

**** Ancientcomputing:
For everything

Req: Wood and brain, no power issues, no wifi, no plans services

Les comparto lo que grabé el día de hoy en el III Congreso Internacional Joaquín Vásquez Aguilar en mi proyecto

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