Masatomo Tamaru y su cuento de la Tienda de las Nubes Algodonosas por NHK:

"People are naturally curious, but they are not naturally good thinkers"

- Daniel Willingham: why the students don't like schools?

Monte Beluja en Kazajistán Rusia... hasta ahí llegó Alexander Humboldt (30 años después de haber estado en Venezuela)... esto en los años 1829 aprox... Qué viaje!! qué personaje!!

The father of fake news and Pullitzer Prize... Joseph Pullitzer

Did you know that credit card companies charge stores a fee every time a purchase is made with a card? But since stores obviously can't charge card users more than cash, they instead just charge more for everything - meaning even if you only pay cash, you're still funding credit card companies

Capitalism fun facts!

Axia Marinescu piano Mozart Sonata a través de Radio Rumanía Internacional 7325 Khz.

Today january 25th i can receive the letters K, R, S, M at 20 wpm using Koch Method. I started in December 31 2018... the next letter U

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