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I almost tripped over this well-disguised character yesterday.

tob plays the blues on today:

I shouldn't listen to the Dubious Goals Committee at work. It gets so hard to stay there for the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight @snowdusk_ started by taking us on a cruise down the Information Superhighway in one of those road-hugging sports cars, the winds of progress blowing through our bleached and gelled hair.

Then we ran into some potholes. Lots and lots of potholes. Network tuning was hard to get right in the 90's too.

It was still fun. I'm told it's all smooth in the archives:

In tonight's , we got eaten by sharks, time-traveled around the universe by thought, and ended up becoming the enlightened despot of Atlantis, with our own volcano lair. And there were shark hats.

Today on , the Dubious Goals Committee returned to Heron Haven.

Featuring the last-minute Fatted Marmot.

Whatever genre @snowdusk_ is playing on , it's always classic Intergalactic Wasabi.

Listen to this one on a long-distance railroad trip. A smooth ride... yet not so smooth.

These restless waters
always churning up mire
never at peace

"The course of true love never did run smooth", but we got through the audio problems and some difficulty with breathing, and conquered the Romeo/Juliet choose-your-own-adventure.

Hey @snowdusk_! What happened to the echo in your shoutouts?

Throughout most of history, humans have had the problem of not enough food. Too much food is a recent problem. Only in the last century have we had to adjust to the counterintuitive idea that food can make us sick and weak.

We may now have a similar problem with information that can make us ignorant and foolish.

My latest nature exploration got mentioned in the Dubious Goals Committee on ! 5 or 10 minutes in:

The mushroom pictures tob is talking about are here:

I was hoping the noisy neighbor and his friends would head to the city and drink themselves silent. Instead, they are staying here, doping up, and playing Rock Band.

You wake up in the morning and you see you are an old man
You wake up in the morning and you see that you are dead
Or you find you are immortal under a dying sun

-Michael Joy

I've been listening to Revolutions Podcast on the French Revolution all week, and I've decided I need my own Revolutionary Tribunal. They are such effective things. I could fix all these problems with the Internet. I could fix the highways with unmarked detours and the lack of street signs. I could get rid of the Unscrupulous Enterprise in the next town. What couldn't I fix?

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"What is this mess?" I say, having clicked on Federated Timeline instead of Local Timeline

A landmark day on : @snowdusk_ calls into the SDF VOIP conference room while on the air, and COM spills over. Featuring @zeptar live from outer space, with sad news.

@snowdusk_ put together another excellent show on yesterday:

Listen to this one in a brightly colored city, to drown out the sound of traffic.

Customer: Hi, this is Greasy Dave's Fuel Service. We'd like to order a few tanker trucks.
Me: We've got several tanker product lines, I can find one that will work for you.
Customer: Keep in mind that the refinery sells us fuel that is on fire, so the trucks will need built-in fire engine capabilities. Do those come for free?

It's not open and federated until the protocol does everything people need, and multiple client and server implementations all work together.

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