Everyone is warned not to listen to the latest Dubious Goals Committee mind control on : archives.anonradio.net/2019080

Don't be fooled by the opening ramblings about football or the informative lecture on the history of ska. It is all an elaborate prank to get the Spice Girls stuck in your head. You have been warned.

Team lead: elwin, $VENDOR's code is not working. Try to debug it.

Comment in $VENDOR's code: DD/MM/2001: I believe there is actually abug or a realy bad design practice!

elwin: This is going to be a fun week.

@snowdusk_ So that's how Apple gets around bash being under GPLv3.

@akir It used to be possible to block entire domains without waiting for admins. I can't find anything about it in the current documentation, but you would view anyone's profile on that domain, and there would be an option to block them all.

When nothing yet had any shape, you filled the world with light.
Your resurrection's glory shone upon our hearts' dark night.
As in that light you formed all things, and then pronounced their worth,
your glorious vision forms anew the heavens and the earth.

My cable modem has stopped handing out DHCP leases from a publicly routable /20.

Either my ISP fixed their settings, or somebody malicious realized turning off NAT was a giveaway.

@snowdusk_ Now I understand why Windows makes it so hard to tell active and inactive windows apart. They copied OSX again.

A poet must have
something to say.
And that is quite rare,
at least for today.
In the age of the like,
the repost, and tweet,
we have little to say,
and lots to repeat.
Poems don't fall like bolts.
They are grown and refined,
made by the strength
of a well-nourished mind.
They take patience and time
for real contemplation,
things in quite short supply
in the Internet Nation.
So poems will return
when headphones come out
and people find things
worth writing about.

Happy .

@developer You and your music will be missed. I hope the move doesn't encounter unexpected problems.

@hardmous just finished this show: archives.anonradio.net/2019032

@froggyme says "this is music for driving a car with all red gauges and no stupid touchscreen at night on the freeway expressway at 200 kph". Well put.

@papa The only example I've worked with did everything in the program and output binary commands for the stroke device.

@ParadeGrotesque At first I was afraid HPL was criticizing opposition to eugenics. But reading the context, I see he's talking mostly about economics.

@developer It's great to be listening to the first episode!

Today I dug into the archives and came up with this from DJ Harvey aka @elita :


The selection seemed a little more energetic than usual. And Mila sang for us.

The latest Wasabi Mix from @snowdusk_ went over quite well with the crowd: archives.anonradio.net/2019020

Listen to this one under a gentle summer rain. (But listen from under a roof too. It's not entirely gentle.)

@trevorb @snowdusk_ This is a very interesting issue if you consider it as a mirror of the conflicts between startup founders and VCs that were common about 10 years ago. The problem can still arise in open-source projects without literal ownership or investment.

If we had multiple interoperating implementations, it wouldn't be anyone's platform, and there would be nothing concrete to quarrel over. But that wouldn't solve all the concerns in the article, or all the startups' problems either.

@MG I listened to this from the archives today. Riotous indeed. Welcome to !

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