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Just saw ASCIIFlow Infinity on HN ( It's super cool.

Even cooler? MonoDraw for OSX. It's like ASCIIFlow, but way more solid. It's $20, but DRM free.

Got a Arduino Ethernet shield for Christmas. Going to make it an ultra low power server.

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Reverse engineering Fedora packages and backporting to CentOS. WEEEEEEEE

@tomasino, is that the group? I haven't seen this before, this is really neat! I think to start I'm going to try to re-create the collection I had as a kid (I still have most of them still but sold some over the years) but these modded roms look really cool!

The wall will start out with the following consoles: NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Playstation and Playstation 2. From there, who knows what I'll add. Anyone have ideas?

Went to IKEA and got shelves to start building my wall of video games finally. Motivated me to get my NES back in working order. Easy fix, just needed to adjust the pins on the 72-pin connector. Played a lot of Super Mario Bros and ordered Final Fantasy and Dungeon Warrior on ebay. Can't wait for those to come in this week!

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Forgot to to announce SDF breaking 500K users .. we're currently at 609,959 user accounts since the 1990s with 53,717 current accounts of which 19,105 are considered to be active. Happy 30 years SDF!

Hugs to @smj. Sorry you're having to deal with all the sdf cluster problems. Hope things with that kernel bug get solved soon!

I really love watching the federated timeline and seeing the variety of different domains going across. The tootiverse is big and growing every day. Such diversity makes me smile!


New idea: Someone who's become rich on Bitcoin should start a Net Neutral ISP. The only real barrier to entry in that space is money. I know there are a lot of tech savvy people out there that have suddenly found themselves overnight millionaires. Put that money to good use and give the big ISPs a little competition.

@failtime I see you're using Hugo on sdf. glad to see others :) I need to come up with a theme I like. I was using the same one you are using for a while but decided I liked the look of the plain HTML format better for what I was trying to do. Hugo is great for blogs, though.

RT: "We messed up. We're sorry, and we're not rolling out the fees change"

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