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Ladies and gentlemen, witness the blistering speed of Thunderbolt3. thinking I would have been better off with dd over a DSL connection.

Hey, Denver, knock it off down there. The smoke from all that reefer is filling the sky up with clouds and causing some serious turbulence up here!

So long and thanks for all the fish, SF. Great conference and great people. I hope to come back in the future for more good times and chats with wicked smart people from all walks of life.

If the guy outside my hotel doesn't stop playing Careless Whisper soon I'm going to throw a chair out my hotel window and shut him up myself.

I have been using Aldiko but the interface is a little sluggish.

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Reclaiming RSS

“Before Twitter, before algorithmic timelines filtered our reality for us, before surveillance capitalism, there was RSS: Really Simple Syndication … As we move away from the centralised web to the peer web, it’s time to rediscover, re-embrace, and reclaim RSS.”


guess the Pi is just going to sit and do nothing

Motorola finally got around to pushing an OTA update to 7.1.1 for the Motto G4. Hallelujah! Only took, what, two years!?

Put this on the list of "bugs fix but not really":

"The package is broken so we released another package that fixes this but fail to include it in our default install so you have to know to install it to fix the bug"

Now to go clean up those 25k messages in the .esmtp_queue/ directory...

Won a Pi3 in a raffle. Mastodon, pick what it becomes!

accidentally uninstalled tootadon in valiant attempt to recover space on my phone. Trying to limp it along just a little longer. Didn't notice until just a minute ago. Now am back

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If it walks like a memory leak and quacks like a memory leak, upgrade before you investigate a memory leak

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Here is what the Pi-Star Users Support Group webpage will always look like.

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Really, asking "what should replace Facebook" is putting things the wrong way around.

A more interesting way to ask the question is, "what did Facebook replace."

People used to build their own websites. People used to have blogs. People used USENET which was truly distributed and un-censorable.

Facebook and Google took the open internet and open standards and monetized and made everything crappy. Enough of that. Nothing should replace Facebook, it's done, stick a fork in it.

😂 Favorite technical documentation quote:

"Kubernetes Pods are mortal. They are born and when they die, they are not resurrected."

I should check out this Terraria thing this weekend.

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