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"Senior developers: Unblocking and being a force multiplier to the junior developers on your team is literally the most important thing you can and should be doing with your time. If you're crushing code, while members of your team are stuck, you're actively hurting the team -- Steve Kinney"

Today in "How to be a senior engineer", we explore what it means to spend hours implementing a simple fix. Want to implement that one line change? Cool! Refactor the codebase! 😆

Apache mod_dir + varnish has some weird edge cases....

WOW, 1TB SSDs are only like $100USD now!? SOMEBODY NEEDS AN UPGRADE!!!

"Diving in to the bowels of systemd hurts my brain"

"Buying a product from you does not constitute consent to add me to your mailing lists"

Rode my bike to work today for the first time in a while. Tried a new route. Down from 19 miles (~30km) to just 17 miles (~27km) but going a little more diagonal.

@cosullivan I'm not sure I follow. I have the updated keybase client. Didn't get any issues. Is that what you're referring to?

Would be nice if @SDF Mastodon could get setup with keybase for mastodon verification:

I want to like vscode but I just can't get past the idea of using a separate application window for editing files and navigating the filesystem. It might take longer to type what I want in a terminal than it does to click through a file tree but the idea of moving my hands off the keyboard makes me cringe

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Websites that value your privacy don't have to tell you they value your privacy.

Apparently copy/paste between crouton chroot and ChromeOS should be possible if I install the crouton Chrome extension and enable the "extension" target for the chroot but it's still not happy. Anyone have experience getting it working? Not sure if it's just because I'm using xterm and it's not configured properly or if it's an issue with the integration itself.

Sad to see that the Asus C201 and other 32bit ARM Chromebooks won't be getting Crostini support like I hoped. Guess I'll be waiting until the Asus C101PA comes down in price on ebay. Until then, Crouton with xiwi will have to do

@zaylea I've received several past due emails, I get the interactive MOTD when I sign in to, my group ID is now "arpa" and I can't login to the metaarray.

@seven1m more hosting space, access to a more powerful shell server running a modern Linux environment. Access to tmux/screen, SMTP access and much more. not to mention supporting one of the last great services on the net.

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